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Juuni Taisen – Anime Review

Genre: Action

Release Date: Fall 2017


I don’t think I’ve ever watched anything more fast paced than Juuni Taisen. This anime is pretty dark, and a little gory, it consists of 1 season of 12 episodes, about 12 warriors of the Chinese Zodiac, who compete against each other for the ultimate prize, the granting of a wish.

About the story, there isn’t really much to it, the plot however, shifts its focus to all the characters, the history and background of all twelve main characters are portrayed, and the entire series, from episode 1 to 12, happens in that one city where the Zodiacs fight to the death. The fights are pretty cool and some characters are pretty interestingThere is some blood in the anime but it’s not overwhelming, also each of the characters’ ego and overconfidence in their abilities is really where the plot gets you, because there is plot twist at almost every episode. 



The highlights of this anime belong to its HD animation, characters’ essence and diversification, and battles. The characters are all different from one another and they each have their reasons to be here and each have their goals and wishes they want to accomplish. Their aspirations and backgrounds are a major part of the plot, and it adds substance to the anime, because their portrayal will shift your opinion of them, and as you get to know them, you’ll likely get hooked till the end of the series.


The ending is a little unexpected from an anime like that, it’s not really satisfying or great, it’s just plain. There is really is not much to the story at all, you start watching and everything is already exploding, and the ending is just awkward. The plot is really what brings the anime together with the best of what the story has to offer, it covers the life of the warriors, it makes you get acquainted with them (so you can root for them). I’ve already said it but, the fights are good, the animation really brings out the fighting, and the characters are very interesting, especially after you know where they’re coming from. 

RATING: Story: 5 Plot: 9.5 Characters: 8.5 Action/Thrill/Feels: 9 Overall Score: 8.0 SirMeliodas Approved



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