Akame Ga Kill

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

I don’t think you’re ready for this, honestly, but here we go. Akame Ga kill is a gory, brutal and rather dark anime with a twist of fantasy, meaning it’s not as sinister and gloomy as Death Note, but it can get pretty dark and bloody. The story also does not focus on one character, even if the title says “Akame”, you’ll see while watching that the story goes in-depth with many other characters, so it’s not just about Akame. The anime is similar to the manga, but the anime diverts from it and has its own ending. So this review will solely be about the anime and no comparison to the manga will be made.


The story is about this group of assassins called “Night Raid” that has for goal to eliminate corrupted people, as they believe they are murderers, so they target people from the government or the aristocracy. Night Raid is looked down upon by the rest of the empire as people think they are rebels and criminals. Soon, Night Raid targets the “Jaegers” another organization of very skilled soldiers led by the most powerful fighter in the empire, Esdeath, that has for goal to eliminate Night Raid. So, as you can imagine battles will ensue. Each of the members of Night Raid, the Jaegers, some members of the empire’s police force, and even some other criminals, possess a weapon with an ability that copes very well with their user, this is a highlight in the show as you get eager to find out everyone’s unique ability, and see them in combat. You will love most of the main characters, if not, all of them, and possibly some antagonists too, others you will loathe and despise !  

A downside is that, although it has 24 episodes, the story is short-lived, you’ll most likely find yourself wanting more after the final episode. Another downside is the rushed ending, I think because of it, the events that happen at the end of the anime are affected. (kinda like the Bleach manga). However, that shouldn’t stop you from watching though, it’s not like the ending is a complete disaster but, you may still find additional comfort and satisfaction in the anime’s amazing battles, its characters and other epic scenes. If you’re wondering about the meaning of the first sentence of this page, it refers to both the intensity of the fights, some really epic moments, and other events I will not spoil for you. 


RATING: Story: 8.0 Plot: 8.8 Characters: 9.5 Fights: 10  Overall Rating: 9.1 SirMeliodas Approved

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