Jikan no Shihaisha

Genre: Shounen, Supernatural

Released in Fall 2017, Jikan no Shihaisha is a 13 episode anime about the journey of Victo and Kiri, father and son, who fight time demons. So here’s how it goes, when a human profoundly wishes to turn back time, most commonly because they have lost a loved one, a demon appears as a result, and consumes that human’s time, which results in their death, most of the time. The more time a demon consumes, the more powerful it becomes. So Victo and Kiri are what’s called “Chronos Rulers” and they possess a special power that allows them to command time within certain objects. Kiri’s weapon is a water blade that he solidifies by slowing down time or might speed it up to send ice shards flying. Victo uses cards to fight, by slowing them down to protect himself  or speeding them up to slice his opponent down. Victo was bitten by a “horologue” which is the name for time demon, and now he is slowly losing his time through the wound, as a result, he loses his memory, and although he is Kiri’s father, he looks 17, instead of getting older, it’s the opposite. On their Journey, they meet other Chronos Rulers, but in the final arc of the season, they meet the all powerful horologue that had consumed Victo’s time. I won’t spoil the rest.


The main character has some humor to him, which is good, he is also a tactician so I really like to see how he analyzes his opponent and makes up really well thought strategies, his son, Kiri, shares the same characteristics. The animation is also really good, it’s high definition and smooth, the anime shifts between angles when there’s a fight, and that creates a nice 360 degrees animated action. But that’s about all there is to it. 

jkan no shihaisha

Alright so what are my final thoughts. This anime’s plot is just weak, the story goes from one point to the other, only to realize that was pointless, and it’s just dragging you along. Not much is revealed about the characters, only just enough for you to have some idea of why they’re doing whatever they’re doing, but it’s not giving any weight to the story, we get a little something towards the end, but it’s not enough. At first, they’re just running around fighting random horologues and meeting random people, just to finally arrive at the final arc of the story where everything supposedly finally goes down, but even then, it’s a complete let down, it’s as if everything that’s been happening since episode 1 had no purpose. I don’t know if they will come up with a second season, but even if they do, it’s a no for me. The fights are okay, but it’s not enough to keep me hooked.

Rating: Story: 4 Plot: 5 Characters: 7 Main Character: 8.8 Battles: 8.5 Overall Score: 6.6 Not SirMeliodas Approved


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