Genre: Drama, Psychological, Mystery, School, Shounen

Release: Summer 2017

This anime had my blood pressure sky rocketing ! Some of these scenes are just coming for your blood vessels. Anyways, Kakegurui is the story of Jabami Yumeko, a compulsive gambling freak, who appears as a kind, innocent, Hinata Hyuga like person, literally, but on the inside, she’s an insane freak, with the mind of Sherlock Holmes, you can compare her to Gyokuen Ren from the manga Magi. The Academy she attends is ran by the wealthy kids of the Japanese elite, but the thing about this academy is that you don’t attend to get good grades or a diploma, the entire thing is centered around GAMBLING. Yes, it’s Las Vegas in a nutshell. The Student council is where the “blue chips” are at, and they’re also the best gamblers of the school, naturally, making their president, the ultimate gambler in the school.


The anime runs for 12, 25 minutes episodes. A quick look at the anime and you’ll realize that the studio probably spent 95% of their budget on the characters’ eyes, and facial expressions, and well, it paid off, it does give a good intense feel to the anime. Being a 12 episode anime, don’t expect an adventurous journey about gambling and major character development. Although some characters had some sort of revelation, the anime focuses on giving you gambling and revealing the freak side of Jabami Yumeko as she climbs her way to the student council president, she thirsts, yes thirsts, to challenge. The games are extremely intense, like I said in the beginning of this review, whenever Jabami Yumeko is gambling and her dark side comes into play, HOLY LORD, this will send your nerves into a frenzy, that’s what I like about this anime. The main character, Yumeko, is something else, she is absolutely epic, but not all characters are worth mentioning, this anime attributes focus only to a handful of characters, mainly Yumeko and the student council. One more thing, this anime is quite “ecchi”, nothing too crazy but, just putting it out there. At last, the ending gives some incentive towards a possible second season. 


The anime doesn’t really disclose much about the history of anything really, not even the academy or characters, so there’s not much to the story, and also, it doesn’t tell you why this is happening or even how is it allowed or even legal, but the plot entirely makes up for it, as it gives you action after action, until the end. The ending wasn’t what I expected, but from what I got from the anime, I was satisfied.

To conclude, RATING:  Story: 6 Plot: 9.5, Thrill: 10, Characters: 8.5, Main Character: 10 Overall Rating: 8.8 Sir Meliodas Approved

Can you believe she’s the same person in the 2nd picture.

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