Another – Anime Review

Genre: Horror, Mystery, School, Thriller, Supernatural

Release: 2012


“Another” is the actual name of the anime, it’s a scary, gory, cursed-classroom type of anime, completed with 1 season of 12 episodes. The story is about transfer student, Kouichi Sakakibara, from Tokyo, who lost his mother to childbirth and is living with his aunt, because his father travels a lot. Kouichi joins this weird school where his mother and aunt attended, oddly enough he enrolls in the same exact class. There is a certain curse about this particular classroom, and as soon as Kouchi joins, he feels the bizarre ambiance of this class, but his classmates won’t tell him what’s up with the weird vibe.

There is also this one girl the entire class seem to not notice, but him. Some of his friends warn him not to mess with “things that don’t exist”, but they still won’t explain in great detail, which only prompts Kouichi to ignore them. As the story progresses, a certain event triggers panic in the class, and as a result, they start to alienate Kouchi. Kouchi and the mysterious girl, try to find out why the class and their classmates are so weird.


Final Thoughts

Revealing more of the story would be spoiling it, because the plot is pretty complex, so I’m going to move on to my thoughts. The anime somehow removed common sense from their characters, the most obvious course of actions that should’ve been taken to avoid the dreaded outcome were not taken. I know it’s part of the plot to potentially create drama, but this was just not realistic.

Also, during more than half of the story, not only are you, the watchers, in the dark about what’s going on, but the story gives you the wrong impression of the characters, this might be another form of drama, but it was poorly executed, as in the end, you get confused or disappointed. Finally, towards the end of the anime, things just get out hand, the characters are just puppets at this point, as there is no common sense left, this disrupt the following events that occur, because it could’ve been obviously avoided or stopped in its tracks, so even if the resulting events could’ve been decent or better, it just looks banal.

However, when the mystery resolves, there’s a pretty good punchline at the end so the story wraps up somewhat nicely, but that absolutely does not make up for the banalities in most of the series. The story itself is good, a great anime could’ve resulted from a story like that, but then the characters and the plot just messed it up, thus, the progression of the story was a complete, disappointing mess. 

RATING: Story: 8.5 Plot: 6 Characters: 5 Thrill: 7.5 Overall Score: 6.8 Not Sir Meliodas Approved



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