Boku no Hero Academia – Anime Review

Genre: Fantasy, Shounen

Released: Spring 16 – Spring 17


Hero and Academy in one sentence as a title, it’s pretty much self explanatory, but let me add the juicy details. My Hero Academia is a 2 season 38 episode fantasy anime about this boy who dreams of becoming the #1 hero who saves people with a smile.

Let’s get into the story. So, on one night, a baby was born, and that baby was glowing, yes highlighted to the gods. But, no it wasn’t Sinbad or Hercules, but with the birth of that baby, the entire world started to manifest “Quirks”, which is the equivalent word for Superpower. 


Most everyone around the world received their quirks and children started to manifest them by age 4. The manifestation of quirks came with its ups and downs, criminals were now able to commit more crimes depending on their quirks, but now, regular humans could become superheroes.

Fast forward to what the anime is about, 3 year old Midoriya Izuku, is obsessed with superheroes, he has countless diaries about all of the current existing superheroes and their abilities, and little Izuku was building his for when his quirk would show up. He was completely consumed, I mean, he would also binge watch the same video for hours on end about the #1 hero he is a die hard fan of. That superhero is basically a cross between Viewtiful Joe and Captain America, he goes by the name of All Might. 


By age 4, Izuku’s “friend”, Katsuki Bakugo develops his quirk, he can use the sweat from his palms as explosives. I put friend in quotation marks because not only is Bakugo a bully with anger management issues, he’s rude all the time to Izuku. Despite Bakugo’s constant rage-quits on compliant little Izuku, Izuku sticks by his side, as he is always there for him even when he’s treated like nothing.

When Izuku turns 4, his quirk doesn’t manifest, so Izuku’s mother takes him to the doctor to find out what happened, only to be told that Izuku is quirkless. The world stops, Izuku’s heartbeat stops, and then reality sets in. At that moment, little Izuku is seeing and feeling his dreams running away from him, becoming out of reach for good. Back home, both Izuku and his mother break down in tears as he’s watching his favorite video of All Might.

Despite his dreams being shattered, a few years later in Junior High, Izuku still wants to attend UA, the school for heroes, where All Might went, and where all heroes graduated from. Izuku was still holding on to his dreams. His “friend” Bakugo would tease him for being quirkless and bully him for wanting to attend UA, because that’s where Bakugo also wanted to go, and he didn’t want “quirkless nerd” Izuku to be there with him, I mean what kind of friend right.

On his walk home one day, Izuku is attacked by a villain and guess who rescues him…… All Might ! Izuku is shook to his core. Izuku asks All Might if he believes he can still be a hero even without a quirk, buff looking All Might unintentionally vanishes to reveal a skinny, sickly, frail man. Izuku is even more shook. His all time idol just turned into a scarecrow, his real form. Not an actual scarecrow guys, I’m using it as a comparison. 

Fast forward, All Might acknowledges Izuku and tells him to become the next “Symbol of Peace” then he tells Izuku that he firmly believes he can become a hero. Izuku’s heart probably exploded. Fast foward again, Izuku inherits All Might’s quirk, One for All. Picture Tsunade, Raikage and Sakura’s strength and speed in one body, well Sakura’s optional, but yeah, that is All Might’s quirk. 


A quirk is normally not inheritable unless they are from your parents, but there is a secret about One for All, it is a rare quirk that has been passed down for generations, by ingesting the consenting mentor’s DNA, and All Might had just chosen his successor. After a seemingly poor yet splendid performance at the entrance exam, Izuku finally attends UA, and his adventure starts now. 

_you can be a hero.gif

In case you’re wondering about the antagonists, they manifest at the middle of season one, the beginning of season one is focused on Izuku’s training to obtain One for All, as you need quite the physique to control it. The antagonists are this group of villains who have for goal to kill the current symbol of peace, All Might. The rest of the story is for you to find out.


Throughout the story, Izuku has displayed acts of leadership and cleverness, he meets people who challenge him, but he keeps overcoming and improving. His sudden improvements have him develop as a character, and it’s rubbing off on his friends, some don’t know how to deal with it (Bakugo), but others feel inspired, and that sets off a chain reaction between the characters, as they also experience character developments.

The animation is quite unique in this anime, I don’t know of many animes with graphics that look like a mix between anime, comics and cartoon. It gives off a great vibe to the anime, as it looks like an animated superhero comic book, which matches the theme. Also, the setting is pretty realistic, the anime happens in urban areas and cities, just what you’d expect from a superhero themed story.



Boku no Hero Academia so far is an incomplete story, but for what we have, I’d say it’s pretty good. From its 2 current seasons, we got good characters, fights, and touched based with the antagonists. All of this hypes up a very likely 3rd season, we can expect to have great plot and character developments, and that is already something to look forward to. 

RATING: STORY: 9.0 PLOT: 9.0 Main Character: 10 Characters: 8.8 Action/Comedy: 8.8 OVERALL SCORE: 9.1 SirMeliodas Approved.



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