Katsugeki / Touken Ranbu – Anime Review

Genre: Action, Historical, Fantasy

Released: Fall 2017


Katsugeki / Touken Ranbu, is a story about these 6 warriors, their names are so confusing I’m just not even gonna to try. These warriors used to be weapons in their previous life, and now their spirits were given life by their new master, Saniwa. 

3rd from the right is Saniwa

Alright, these 6 “sword warriors” were brought to life in order to fight the “Time-Retrograde Army”, the antagonist of the story. This army was sent from the future to alter the course of history in their favor, and since they’re the bad guys, it’s a bad thing. 

Let me elaborate. The setting of the story happens in Shogunate-era Japan, where the pro-shogunate factions are at war with the anti-shogunate factions, in other words, 1863. So many key events during that time have contributed to what Japan is today. However, the goal of the Time-Retrograde Army is to change these very key events that will inevitably cause a dramatic change in Japan’s later future.

The Sword warriors interfere with the Time-retrograde army to prevent it from changing history and preserve it. An interesting detail to point out from this anime, is the fact that, the sword warriors still harbor feelings for their former masters which happen to exist in the very era they’re trying to preserve. Seeing them is fine however, the sword warriors cannot reveal themselves to them, nor can they attempt to save them. Those rules undoubtedly cause strife to the warriors who must focus on defeating the time-retrograde army. Who knows, one of the warriors might give in.

The plot also briefly shifts focus to another group of sword warriors under the same master, these warriors happen to be more powerful, but are tasked with the same mission, which is to preserve history.



If there is one reason you should watch this anime, it’s for its epic battles. I know I say that a lot, but for anime who have a short, or under-developed, or insubstantial story, sometimes the fighting is really what is worth considering. The fighting animation is on par with that of that Fate/Series, it’s simply amazing. The sound effects and graphics bring out the fighting scene and make it very enjoyable to watch. 


The main characters are also fun and very skilled, I enjoyed watching them fight, make up strategies, and listening to their stories as former swords. It just adds a little more depth to them, as it influences their decisions and causes plot twists, and as a result, give the series a little something to look forward to, despite having such an empty story-line. 



As you can see, the battles are really the only solid reason to watch this anime. The plot has gathered every good thing about the story and delivered it, although it went off to tell another story, it wasn’t too disrupting.

The story itself is almost non-existent, you get a gist of what’s going on later in the story, but with no additional background information or history. The anime starts with no introduction and straight up into fighting, the plot is responsible for this. The ending is just the same as the introduction, there is no concrete ending, and I don’t know if there will be a second season.

The characters aren’t the best, but they’re good, some are pretty funny and add some humor to the series. Also, the setting and theme of the story is pretty unique, despite being underdeveloped. It could develop some potential, but from the plot’s approach in the overall 12 episodes, that’s probably all we’re going to get.

Basically, I think if an anime’s story is incomplete or dull, and the plot can’t really help, I think epic fights/moments/characters can really bring it together, otherwise, it would not have been approved. Mind you that this statement was general, the fighting and some moments in this anime are the only thing “epic”, the main characters are just average.

RATING: Story: 7.8 Plot: 7.5 Main Characters: 8.0 Action: 10 OVERALL SCORE: 7.7  SirMeliodas Approved.


2 thoughts on “Katsugeki / Touken Ranbu – Anime Review

  1. The fights were fantastic but when they made it hard to care about why they were fighting (actually impossible because we never knew why it made any difference if time was changed or not) it was hard to really care in general about the anime. I really wish more time had been spent on motives and reasons and then the action would have felt genuinely rewarding.


    1. You’re right ! A purpose to the fight is something I should’ve considered. I’ll be sure to add that point to my future posts, thank you.


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