Black Clover – Anime Review

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Magic, Shounen

Released: 2017 – Ongoing


Black Clover tells the story of two teens, Asta and Yuno, who were abandoned as babies to a church in a poor village under the care of the priest.
In the Black Clover universe, everyone is normally a mage. In ancient times, a demon appeared and almost wiped out humanity. One brave and powerful wizard appeared and defeated that demon. That mage is known today as the 1st Wizard King, a position coveted by many aspiring mages.

Those born into royalty have an incredible amount of mana, and almost everyone else is just average, but Asta and Yuno are quite special. While growing up, Yuno manifested tremendous magical aptitude, on par with that of the nobles. Asta however, never manifested any magic, kinda like “Midoriya Shounen” from Boku no Hero. Nevertheless, he never gave up, Asta considered Yuno his rival and he was determined to be as powerful as him. Asta worked really hard in the hopes his magic would eventually manifest.
When the time came for them to summon their grimoire, Yuno’s magic granted him one of the rarest, most powerful grimoire, a four-leaf clover grimoire. In ancient times, the 1st Wizard King possessed a similar grimoire, and when Yuno manifested such a grimoire, that was a testament to his magical potential. When Asta’s turn came, no grimoire appeared, he was crushed, cause after all the training he had endured, his magic still did not manifest and he was unable to summon his grimoire.


Shortly after, a thug appears in front of Yuno to threathen him, and they get into a fight. Asta then shows up to back up his rival, only to be pinned by the enemy. As the enemy was using Asta as hostage to bait Yuno, Asta got really mad, as he was holding back Yuno. The thug started to badmouth not only Yuno, but Asta and his dream to become Wizard King as well, because he had no magic and the thug thought it was foolish. In a fit of rage Asta was experiencing over that, a dark aura manifested around him and a very dark, ominous grimoire with a five-leaf clover appears, from it Asta summons a huge sword, and strikes the words, the mockery and the hits back at the thug.

Asta still had not manifested any magic, this phenomenon was unheard of, but at least, he was eligible to partake in the Magic Knights selection competition, where wizards of all ranks, compete with each other in the hopes of being selected by one of the prestigious Magic Knights squadrons.
Much like in Boku no Hero, the antagonists show up pretty late in the series, most of it focuses on Asta and Yuno’s journey, the people they meet, and how they get a lot stronger through their adventures.



The highlights of the anime include promising main characters in terms of development. Imagine Hinata from Haikyuu and Natsu from Fairytail combined into one character, this character is Asta. Asta is a very energetic, very loud and a very caring character. He values his dream to become wizard king, as much as Naruto values the Hokage position. So far only one season is out, but I can see that Asta, Yuno and many other characters will experience quite the character development.

The secondary characters so far are average, their hasn’t been anything major going on with them, except for the possible love interest of Asta, Noelle, who is given a little more importance than the other secondaries.


The story looks like it’s a good one, with just one season and with so little to go with, I cannot make a complete statement on the story, but from what we got, it’s looks pretty good. However, it’s giving me the same bias vibe that I get from Fairytail. What I mean is, it’s like the characters are immune to serious harm or death no matter how dramatic or hopeless the situation, it even applies to secondary and extra characters. I don’t know if they don’t want to show too much blood, or death, but come on, it makes the anime so childish and empty, especially when they won’t kill of a character even if their death would add so much substance to the anime, they just completely avoid that and go along with “everyone will be saved somehow no matter how corny it looks”. I’m sorry to break it to you but not all watchers will go along with this. 

Anyways, as for the battles and the overall action of the story, let’s just say there is great room for improvement. Sometimes, we get some enhanced animation and action during the fights, but most of the time they’re a complete flop. There is little to no gore, so don’t expect to see swift movements followed by waterfalls of blood, it’s not bleach. Also, have you ever seen sonic running? where his body stays in place but his lower body just spins, that’s how the fights are portrayed in Black Clover, a mostly still image with rapid repetitive movements, like I said, complete flop, so far at least.

However, somehow, thus far, even with the bias and below average battles and action, I believe this anime has the potential to become much better as the story progresses and new seasons come out. I already think the story is good, and the plot in later seasons might reveal even more actions and more serious events. For those reasons, I’m going to approve it. If my opinion changes, I’ll let you guys know, but so far, it’s decent.

RATING: Story: 9.0 Plot: 7.0 Main Characters: 9.0 Characters: 7.0 Action/Humor/Feels: 6.5 OVERALL SCORE: 7.7 SirMeliodas Approved


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