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Hi guys, as you may have noticed I didn’t post an anime review today. The reason is that, I need to stock up on anime but also, I have to refresh my memory on other ones as well. But the purpose of this post is to announce something. I am currently discovering the many things an anime blogger can actually do other than a complete series review. Having started a blog about 2 months ago, I thought all I could do was write anime reviews, but as I encountered many talented bloggers who write about the same topic in so many different ways, I felt both challenged and inspired. 

The thing is, I want to start writing episode reviews as well. I want to give my take on the episodes of ongoing current anime, and also, experience something other than watching a whole series, gathering my thoughts, and writing about it after its done. I want to experience doing that as the story unfolds and be able to gather my thoughts and write about them episode after episode. Also, anything that comes to mind in relation to anime, I will also explore and write about. 

The episode review posts and other possible categories will be marked accordingly and will be posted during the week starting tomorrow. I hope you guys enjoy, thank you for reading. 


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