Tokyo Ghoul: RE Episode 1 Review

The highly anticipated S3 of Tokyo Ghoul is finally out and we’re here for it. I don’t know what exactly is suppose to happen in S3, I don’t read the manga but from what I got from S2, my expectations are pretty high. Knowing what kind of anime Tokyo Ghoul is, my expectations for action packed scenes are here, but I’m also looking forward to psychology, insight and character development.

Episode 1 starts with what seems to be Kaneki but another version of him. Haise Sasaki, the new Kaneki, and his legion of “Quinx” now work for the CCG and exterminate ghouls. Quinx are a breed of half human and half ghouls. Haise, well Kaneki, was the OG “Quinx” and now apparently, 2 years later, he mentors a small faction. According to Mado, the Quinx faction was created in order to surpass Kisho Arima, the badass looking Ghoul investigator who killed Kaneki last we saw. I’m eager to see how all of this will unfold.

The real Kaneki is buried inside Haise, most likely for traumatic reasons. Kaneki had his heart ripped out so hard while being Kaneki that he thinks maybe if he becomes someone else and forgets his previous life, it’ll somehow be better, or maybe his brain just did it to protect him, who knows, these are the kind of answers I’m looking forward to as the series progresses. I also want to know of the whereabouts of his former friends, what’s up with them? Do they know about Kaneki’s condition? If so how? Or how are they dealing with it? Are they staying out of his life to honor his choice of relinquishing his past life? Or are they unaware? Or are they aware but are ignoring it. The questions will keep adding up, and I’m hoping this season can answer them.


So far, it seems as though it’s working, as Haise looks quite happy with his new life, but I cannot shake the feeling that Haise’s life is a huge bubble, it’s a whole scam. The Kaneki  inside him is poking through, and inevitably, so will the outside world.

We’ll see what happens as the season progresses, but so far I’m intrigued and interested.



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