Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Alright so we got a little something from that episode, at least the training camp started. But it seems like the plot is dragging us along, granted with fair and enjoyable content, but it’s not revealing anything regarding the conflict between the kids, All Might and the League of Villains, which I think should be the focus of season 3. 

So far, the training camp finally started and turns out the kids have improved in a lot of areas expect for their Quirks. Although it certainly doesn’t seem that way, Midoriya has a lot more control over One for All, and have you seen Tsuyu-chan lifting that gigantic rock monster by the swing of her tongue, I mean that’s something right there. But then again there is most likely a ton more improvement awaiting the kids, and I hope some good character development comes along with it, it’s the third season, come on now. Midoriya, Shouto and Iida had some sort of development but the other ones better come through, Bakugo has yet to impress me.


It does feel as though the plot is covering a lot in just one episode which is good and it’s giving us rather entertaining material while it’s stalling. Neither the 1st nor the 2nd episode were boring, they were quite enjoyable but only lacked some direction. I don’t mind getting fun and action packed episodes as long as the plot is getting back on track. The kid who punched Midoriya and hates heroes is signaling fillers and I’m not having it. Hopefully the plot only put him there to spice up the training camp journey and then will move on to better things, and it better happen soon.

Other than that, I love how the feel of the series has not changed, the transition from season 2 to 3 is seamless, none of the humor, camaraderie or comic book vibe was taken away, and I feel that I can trust that there will be more to come and soon. 

I know I’m probably way too impatient, but in the past where I had high expectations of an anime, slow, dragging beginnings usually led to disappointments. Where the series lasts 13 episodes, but the juicy plot action ends up happening on the 12th.

I still have hope for BNHA S3 maybe in a few more episodes the gears will start to turn, I mean we did get pretty far into the training camp in just one episode, so we’ll see what the future episodes will bring. Also, can someone tell me what is Mineta doing in class A, thanks. Thank you for reading.



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