Tokyo Ghoul: RE Episode 2 Review

Right off the bat we get the action I was hoping for and it did deliver beautifully, especially since it’s just the second episode. However action aside, Kaneki is poking through severely. In the 2nd episode, we see Haise losing control and Kaneki finally taking over. 


After sadistically repeatedly stabbing “Orochi” and realizing that he is in fact, Nishio, Haise quakes ! Kaneki’s memories start flowing through and Haise loses his mind in trying to rationalize these memories. The persistent overflowing questions of who is Nishio? Why do I know him? Why am I losing control? Why am I quaking so hard from that name? Drove Haise to madness. 

In the middle of the episode we see a scene where Akira Mado lists a set of instructions in relation to Haise Sasaki. That scene has me think as if the creation of Haise wasn’t Kaneki’s doing or maybe not even his choice. Did the CCG perhaps had a hand to play in Kaneki’s sudden transformation two years after the war? But then, when Nishio told Haise that’s he’s irredeemable, it has me think that maybe Kaneki subconsciously wanted this in order to somehow atone for the things he think he was at fault for. I cannot wait to get these questions answered. 


I just really want to know what the hell happened during those two years and how the hell did Haise Sasaki came about, and what role did the CCG people and Anteiku played in all of that. Because it didn’t seem like Anteiku was surprised to see him. Did they know that Kaneki wanted to erase his past self, and felt it was the best choice? But all that aside, I mean, that reunion between Kaneki and Touka, yes lord. 

Other than that, the drama between the zealot, Urie, and his squad is stiring up some side disturbance driven by a side story about his father’s death. He is really concerned about becoming more powerful and getting promoted, and that might end up becoming a greater issue later in the season, I don’t know, we’ll see.


However, their little headbutts are a little reminiscent of a family quarrel. When Haise was conversing with Arima, it’s as if Haise looks up to him as a father figure. When Haise mentioned his “family”, Arima referred to them as “grand-kids”. Questions are yet again popping up, but we can only wait and see as the story reveals more. 

On a side note, I freaking love the way Kaneki’s voice sounds when he talks to Haise, it has a radio vibe to it and it’s just amazing. Thank you for reading.



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