Tokyo Ghoul: RE Episode 3 Review

If there was an official definition for “plot stalling”, this episode would be it. The episode was rather bland only highlighted by a few reminiscent faces, voices and also a few thought provoking questions and amusing scenes.

In the beginning of the episode, the gourmet, Tsukiyama, seems to be “back”, although not exactly in shape it seems, and his notorious tendencies also seem to have faltered.


In the middle of the episode, Haise meets with the priest-ghoul again, basically his therapist at this point, and the latter strikes some serious blow to Haise’s bubble, tackling the delicate matter about Kaneki’s memories and their impact head on. This is creating room for insight and development and I’m here for it. 

The episode then follows with assigning an apparently important mission to the crew where unbeknownst to them, Aogiri will make an apparition, this is really setting up the stage for episode 4. After what we got from episode 3, Episode 4 better deliver.

From the way I see episode 3, it feels like it’s just hyping up episode 4. The episode took a ridiculous amount of time in getting Saiko to join a team she’s already a part of, and from that stalling I already knew the episode wasn’t going to cover a lot. It also focused a lot on the zealot’s action in powering up his kagune and acting fake, all while concocting a plan we have yet to know the details of. Not much revelation was made in the episode, but it did have some enjoyable scenes. The club scene and the cross-dressing was hilarious you can’t deny that. We’ll see what happens next time. Thank you for reading. 


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