Boku no Hero Academia Season 3: Episode 3 Review

Episode 3 and things are finally getting steamy. Tokyo Ghoul grab your notebook. The League of Villains came out of hiding and ambushed the training Heroes, although it happened at the end of the episode, at least from there we can expect the rest of the season to give us what we’ve been waiting for. 

The episode practically wrapped up the training session, it started with the kids undergoing tough training to sharpen and improve their quirks, it revealed a little more backstory and some insight into the hero-hating kid, Kota, and that’s about it. Towards the middle, Midoriya indirectly opens up to Kota and tries to befriend him, only to be yelled at and rudely dismissed. Well kid, guess whose help you’re gonna need in the next episode, take a seat.

Anyways, by the the end of the episode, the enemies finally show up to add some spice to the story and liven the episode, which honestly if that hadn’t happened, the episode would’ve been seriously dull in terms of purpose. But, it did deliver and the enemies are packing quite a punch. From what we saw, the situation is not in favor of the heroes, and I think blood is about to be spilled in the next episode. Kota is in serious danger and the heroes are in a major pinch. Let’s hope there is no bias and the plot proceeds with amazing and realistic content.

I am very much looking forward to next episode to see what is about to go down or perhaps who. Thank you for reading.

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