Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 4

My predictions from last episode’s review came out to be true and let me tell you I loved this episode. An episode hadn’t moved me this much since Attack on Titan last year. And also, Midoriya Izuku is becoming one of my all time favorite anime characters. 

The episode resumed with the assault from the league of villains, no stalling, straight up into the action, and they did not come to play. The heroes were in serious trouble, and just when dry-eyes was about to go help the others, he was attacked. The other cat-like supervisors did their best to try to have the situation under control, cat-like man got all fired up and cat-like lady relayed information through telepathy, but some of the kids are still scattered and unprotected, and one of the cat-like people is already most likely dead. But let’s get to my favorite part.


A humongous person appears in front of fragile, little, trembling Kota who understandably freezes to the mere size of the silhouette. Just seconds before the gigantic figure smashes Kota to smithereens, Midoriya jumps in with a one-for-all enhanced jump to save Kota. Knowing the kind of pinch they are both in, Midoriya decides to take on the titanic looking figure by himself all while promising to protect and save Kota. When the fight started and Midoriya was understandably losing despite going at 100%, I honestly thought there was gonna be a third-party intervention. No matter how awkward it would’ve been, since Izuku’s phone was broken and nobody knew of the location, seeing how powerful the big guy was, I just felt like someone would’ve come and save both Midoriya and Kota. 

But then, nobody came. Yet, what was so amazing about that fact was that it lead to an amazing moment for Midoriya. I don’t have the words to describe it right now, was it development? was it insight? or something else, I’m not sure but I loved it. His sheer willpower, determination and perseverance resonated through my computer and almost crashed it. I was so impressed by how much he has grown since episode 1 season 1, as the quirkless shy little boy, but who was always ready to risk even his life to save others, and in that episode, he took his convictions to the extreme, and I was just stunned. 



The colossal titan, was apparently looking for Bakugo, bearing a little resemblance to him, I’m not sure who he was or why he was after Bakugo as it was not revealed in the episode, but maybe later we’ll know. Other than that, the monstrosity, known as Muscular turns out to be the one responsible for the death of Kota’s parents, Water Hose. At that point poor little Kota has a moment of insight and subsequently development, as towards the end of the battle, after being shook by Midoriya’s spirit, who wouldn’t honestly, he uses his power against Muscular. Although very weak, this prove to be a huge deal, as Kota seems to have changed his way of thinking about heroes and undergone enlightenment.

But seriously tho, after seeing Midoriya endure this much to honor his dream of becoming a hero and saving people regardless of who they are or what they think, it’s really understandable that Kota would be so moved. Midoriya only uttered a few words promising to save Kota, yet his entire conviction was translated to Kota simply through his actions, and that was just amazing.


I really loved that episode and I’m looking forward to more development throughout the rest of the season. Thank you for reading


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