Tokyo Ghoul: RE Episode 5 Review

“The combatants are set, ready, FIGHT” – That’s episode 5 in a sentence. The episode moves from one battle to another, without making any further development in the story. I was reluctant to write about this episode because I knew I would sound redundant, cause basically my complaints are the same as they have been for the previous 2 episodes.

[Sakamatoku] Tokyo Ghoul re - Episode 5

Urie is in big trouble, and perhaps next episode we might see the so-far useless 3rd grade investigator Toru, pull something to save his friend. Kaneki, the OG Kaneki, is likely to make an apparition next time, and I can’t wait to hear his radio-like voice when he says “Haise” lord. 

The main events of the episodes included the fights, some characters just randomly appearing in scenes like Gagi and Guge, the crew realizing ghouls can detach their kagunes, and the psychotic ghoul, owl, making jam with people’s corpses. We can throw that whole episode away, as the only worthwhile thing in it, was the sneak peak of episode 6, which might just promise what I’ve been waiting for, or at least open the path to it, which is plot and character development/insight. Let’s not get too exited yet so we don’t get disappointed, but next episode looks promising. Thank you for reading.

 Episode 5 in 5 pictures




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