Tokyo Ghoul: RE Episode 6 Review

It was about danm time. So far the best episode of the season, we got plenty of insight, action and overall great content. Let’s start with the best moment of the episode when Kaneki was severely poking through and Haise had no choice but to let him take over and the MUSIC ! Oh my god, the very first opening music from TG, the iconic “oshiete o”  cued in right there and brought back all the feels, the epicness and my interest in the season.


Also, Haise might’ve just revealed how he came about. When he told Kaneki of how he’s scared of him because kaneki is strong, he said he couldn’t compete with him because of the loneliness it would take to fill in the gigantic void. In other words, according to Haise, embracing Kaneki with all of the hurt and loneliness that comes with it, is the only way to fill in the void, and he was afraid of doing that because he was so happy with his life as Haise. But then Kaneki appeared to him as his, I guess, purest, rawest, and uncensored self as a child and told Haise that he too was afraid.  So I guess the void was never filled, Haise probably came about as a part of Kaneki’s consciousness to escape having to deal with that void, and subsequently shut the memories along with the previous personality. That’s how I’m seeing it so far, and can’t wait for more insight.

Up next we had the appearance of a mysterious character, the character who wears a mask with a face drawing. Some of you already know who it is from the hype of his appearance in the manga, but for those who don’t, we’ll wait until it’s officially revealed.

Other than that, the episode was pretty great, Urie SNAPPED, when he saw his promotion and life goals going down Big Madam’s esophagus, he was not having it, and his brain switched to berserker mode and he struck, but only to be pinned down again by Big Madam. As Urie was contemplating his failures and being self destructive, OF ALL THE MOMENTS, Toru’s kagune activates, like really? When your life, your teacher’s and many other people’s were in danger, nothing happened, and all it took was Urie saying he hates himself and everyone for it to activate. Toru get it together.

In addition, there might be some secret about Toru we have yet to discover, during the scene where he was hugging Urie, Urie was about to say something about Toru, only to be interrupted by the surrounding chaos. Perhaps Toru’s a woman for real, I don’t know why this the first thing that popped up in my mind, but I guess we’ll see.

Other than that, there was a pretty epic showdown between Urie, Juzo, the team vs Big Madam, and Shirazu, Saiko vs Nutcracker. Saiko finally showed that there is some use to her, I was starting to question the value of the Quinx squad if Haise or Urie were to go MIA. Shirazu also proved to be quite sharp. 

We’ll see what next episode will have in store, but I really liked this one compared to the previous ones. What did you think? Let me know. Thank you for reading. 

Hinami vs Owl

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