Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 5 Review

Work and school have been at my throat this past week, and only a few days left until it’s over, so please bear with me for the lateness of posts.

Let’s dive right into the highlight of the episode which was when Class B showed us why there even is a Class B in UA, but I still don’t know why Mineta isn’t there tho. The two class B students worked their meninges to come up with a plan and take down the smoke villain guy. Steel quirk guy Tetsutetsu’s lung capacity was mind blowing, I mean from the first 5 seconds of the mask being destroyed, I would’ve inhaled a life supply of gas, so that was pretty epic of his. Big hands girl, Itsuka, showed how her quirk had an actual useful use, and their teamwork really stood out from the overall episode. If I try to describe the scene any further it’ll ruin it, so enjoy these images. 


Towards the end, we see the Tokoyami’s dark shadow losing control and spicing up the next episode. With episode 6 already out by the time this posts, I’m not gonna ramble on antiquities, and I better get to watching it so its review can be out before next Saturday. Thank you for reading.

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