Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 6

Midoriya is a highlight guys, what a great character. Not only is he smart, but he’s just so pure and is willing to go so far for his friends, Naruto is currently quaking. 

About the episode, it delivered completely, I saw this coming since episode 3 /episode 4 where things started getting steamy and now it’s not disappointing. Some posts about episode 6 already nailed the description, but I’m still gonna try to add my grain of salt.


The growth is real, all these training sessions actually prove to be of use and not just used as a medium to introduce bad guys, the kids actually learned so much and it showed brilliantly in that episode. Midoriya was able to make such a thought out plan in a matter of minutes, and most of the kids, well except Tokoyami for understandable reasons, managed to keep a cool head despite the crisis, and reacted with so much perspicacity and wit. It is only natural for an episode showcasing so much intelligence, shrewdness and growth that Mineta made no apparition. 

Uraraka and Tsuyu-chan absolutely delivered, and just fight after fight, it can be said that the kids have surpassed themselves. 


Another intriguing highlight of the episode was the crazy little girl whose mind is so twisted she can fit into Tokyo Ghoul seamlessly, but really though, from the way she nailed Uraraka’s feelings and thought processes just by noticing her scent, was impressive but then again rather sinister considering she’s bad news. Also, she took her blood, I have no idea what her quirk is, but all of that is just hyping the remainder of the series.

And finally, the enemy succeeded in capturing Bakugo and got Tokoyami as a buy one get one free bonus, I have a feeling Bakugo will be taken away, maybe not Tokoyami as he might be rescued through the kids’ attempt at saving both, but for a reason I believe belongs to the greater plot of the story, Bakugo might end up in the hands of the enemy. I’ve thought of the possibility that  Kacchan becomes the Sasuke of BNHA, but I’m wondering if they have something else in store, perhaps better or even if it’s the same, I trust this anime can deliver epic content. Thank you for reading



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