Top 5 Anime Deserving a New Season

Hi guys, in today’s top 5, we are looking at anime I think deserve another season for one reason or another, if you agree with me or have another anime in mind you think deserves another season, let me know in the comments below, thanks. 

Anime aren’t given follow-ups for a number of reasons, whether it’s budget constrictions, or the manga is lacking material, we often have to wait yearS, (emphasizing the plural), for another season of an anime. When that anime is so breathtaking or at least promising during it’s first or second season, they simply deserve that follow-up, but they rarely ever get it, or at least not in the near future. The thing is, there is almost nothing we can do about it but wish and wait. 

I list some anime I think should really get another season because of what they could potentially have to offer in it, from what was seen in the previous seasons. As you already know, don’t take the order seriously.



There is so much to talk about in this anime, it currently has 2 seasons, but to wrap it up, it would need at least 2 more. Magi is a great anime with so much originality, really fun and worthwhile characters, plus a lot of action and very gorgeously designed magical body armors and abilities. In how season 2 ended, season 3 was a MUST, yet we have yet to see even a pamphlet of some sneak peek towards another season. I think Magi really deserves that reboot, but like I said, all I can do is hope and wait.

2- Hunter X Hunter


It took me years to finally watch Hunter X Hunter, I was convinced it was like another version of One Piece, which I haven’t watched, and that it was a story of pirates and hunters. I’m dealing with that same type of prejudice towards SOA, I won’t watch it cause my brain genuinely believes it already know everything about it, so I get discouraged. But, HxH is an amazing anime, when I finally watched it, Gon and Killua had me hooked on the series, these two characters alone light up the show, and HxH packs in more of a punch than I thought. Which is why, at the last episode of the anime, I was truly wondering how come it hadn’t gotten another season, like I said, it took me quite some time to finally get over my preconceived opinion and actually watch it, by that time, I thought another season should’ve already been in the works, if not out. But then I heard that it was the mangaka’s fault, apparently he went on a long hiatus and as a result there wasn’t any new material to go on with. Now that the manga has resumed, let’s hope in the coming months, there will be an announcement.

3- Owari no Seraph


I’ve been disappointed of all anime concerning vampires, except for this one. Owari no Seraph has a really solid ground to develop into an amazing series. With the very short 2 seasons, there is very little of the story out, but I feel it has so much in reserve, just like Magi. If this show were to reboot, I’m sure it would start snatching people’s souls.

4- Noragami


The first 2 seasons of Noragami feel like side stories. I loved them and I love the show, but in terms of what I feel the series should’ve focused on, it hasn’t revealed much of that in either of it’s currently out seasons, which means, if the show could get that third season, Noragami would be UP there I tell you. There is so much material to uncover and so much development for its characters, Noragami has a lot of potential to bring in a powerful third season.

5- D-Gray Man


When D-Gray Man season 2 was announced, I was pumped, because although the series had been out for some time, I had only recently started watching, and as soon as I was done, season 2 was announced. But here’s the thing, season 2 did not deliver completely, it felt more like an OVA than another season, and it took 8 years mind you. The season wasn’t a complete flop, I still loved it, but the whole thing revolved around 2 characters, and gave very little space and time for actual story development. When the development finally happened, guess what, the season ended. So if D-Gray Man gets that reboot, a lot of exiting content should be in store for season 3. 

These are my thoughts in anime I think should get another season, as I come across more, I will make a part 2. Feel free to tell me which one you think should get another season. Thank you for reading.


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