Tokyo Ghoul: RE Episode 7 Review-ish

Where do I even start with this episode. There wasn’t anything THAT special about it, it was just basic. The episode introduced tons of new faces and brought back a lot of old ones, the kids got promoted and all, which was great, but it wasn’t an episode I feel should get a review. Mainly because it was so self-explanatory and I really don’t have anything to say about it. 

Tokyo ghoul season 3 episode 7

I decided that whenever I’m reviewing a series, I will skip some episodes where I think that a review would be useless, such episodes where I have no particular thoughts to share or any scene that I would want to describe, talk about and whatnot. So if you see me miss an episode update, just know that it was because I though it was a neutral, simple episode, where I feel everything was pretty clear and there is nothing I want to say about it. 

Tokyo Ghoul season 3 kaneki mask

It might also be for the fact that, my thoughts in the previous episode reviews concerning that anime also apply to this episode, so to save myself from sounding redundant, I will just skip reviewing some episodes. Naturally, if you want me to review an episode I’ve skipped, let me know and I’ll do it. Thank you for understanding and reading, I’ll see you on the next post =)

Tokyo Ghoul season 3 touka

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