Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 7 Review

What a nice handful of development, action and insight we got from this episode. First of all, “Don’t come, Deku” was probably the nicest thing Bakugo ever said to Midoriya, and I don’t even know if he meant it in a way that he didn’t want Deku of all people to save him, or he didn’t want Deku getting kidnapped or even more hurt than he already was in the process. Honestly, I’ll go with the latter.

Highlights of the episode included, Aoyama surprising everyone with his sudden and perfectly timed attack, which allowed for the rescue of Tokoyami, however the enemies’ grip on Bakugo was much stronger, and he ended up getting taken hostage. On a side note, that means I was right. Please refer to episode 6 review for receipts. 

Also, I might just add Himiko Toga to the list of Anime villains you can’t hate , from the way she introduced herself to Midoriya, to turning into a dark “Yuno Gasai” type when provoked, I lived. She is so cute, yet sadistic, and I’m expecting quite the showdown between her and Uraraka in the future.

Other than that, serious events are aligning and leading the way to the climax of the season. There is apparently, a traitor among the pros of UA, All Might is pissed, the villains’ base was discovered, and the kids want to take matters into their own hands, the tea is scalding. 

Seeing how the kids were so frustrated over letting Bakugo getting kidnapped, opened up so much insight into a good handful of them. You can see where they are coming from as friends and as heroes, especially Izuku, through the risks they are willing to take, in how they cannot sit still and let the pros take care of it, in how they want to put their convictions into play in order to fulfill their hero duties and commitments, their conscience will not let them rest, and this shows how far they’ve come as heroes and as characters, but are they perhaps being stubborn and headed towards doom? That is still a possibility.

Even Iida seemed to have been struggling between those same emotions and his duty as the class rep. You could see his frustration in trying to compromise his will of wanting to save Bakugo and the facts of reality, at least that’s what I think. However, the episode ended in what seems to be a rift between the students of Class A, as one part seems seriously determined to go save Kacchan, while the other is looking at the situation more objectively. If they let pride and remorse cloud their judgement, they might end up in serious trouble from the villains, the authorities and UA.

I think Midoriya’s answer will play a big role in how things will unfold. Should he decline and give a solid, groundbreaking reason why, then perhaps the kids won’t have to face unnecessary danger. However, should he accept, that’s another story.

To conclude, let’s talk about Midoriya, my boy cried, he felt so remorseful and hurt, and it got worse when he remembered Aizawa warning him about his handicap when using One for All, that he would only be able to save one person, and turns out it actually came true, with Midoriya’s body holding him back after saving Kota, he was unable to save Kacchan, and oh my god, that scene and the following moments thereafter for some reason were intense. Which is why I’m wondering which approach is Midoriya going to go with when it comes to saving Kacchan, will he let his Hero-Ego deflate and let the pros handle it for better chances of success, or will he take matters into his beat up hands and handle it. Lord, how is the latter gonna go if it ends up happening. 

We’ll see how all of this epic package of events will unfold, and I’ll see you in the next post, Thank you for reading =)



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