Tokyo Ghoul: RE Episode 8 Review

If you took a puzzle box and turned it upside down, all the pieces would fall and scatter. That’s exactly how I saw this episode, it tried to cover a lot, staying mainly on the topic of the Tsukiyamas, but there was so much back and forth, between CCG, Aogiri, character dramas, and then back to the Tsukiyamas, I felt like the plot was dispersed, with no definite focus.

It definitely feels like the plot is stalling, and since it has been stalling for some time now, I can only assume there is good reason for it. The plot seems to focus and prolong everyone else’s drama and everything else for minutes on end, but when it comes to Kaneki, it cuts him right in the middle of a very important introspection. In other words, the plot drags the episode with details and prolongs less important events, and leave the important things for the end, or in some cases, the next episode.


In this approach, in doesn’t make the individual episode look good, especially if there is no action involved, which I’m guessing is why they decided to include some fights. But I’m wondering what if maybe in the long term, when we get another season, or when the episodes get a lot more serious, the plot’s stalling through season 3 is going to prove something. Maybe time has to flow this slowly for us to maybe familiarize or empathize with Haise? Or maybe some other reason, I don’t know. It’s becoming harder to review this anime episode by episode, because I don’t know if it’s being ambiguous or simply dull. Only time will tell, in the mean time, who do you think the book Haise received is from? When plot drops hints like that to foreshadow a potential big reveal, that at least is really interesting to watch I must say. Thank you for reading.


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