Vampire Knight – Anime Review

Genre: : Drama, Romance, Mystery, Shoujo, Vampire, Supernatural

Released: 2008-Completed


Vampire Knight is a story about this academy, cause that’s where the entire anime happens, and this academy is divided into 2 types of classes, the day class and the night class. From the title you can guess what’s going on in the night class, they are all vampires, while the day class is all human. 

From the day class, 2 students are responsible for surveying the campus and also responsible for escorting and preventing the discovery of the night class’ true nature, mainly by preventing the love struck day class students from harassing the handsome and bombshell vamps. Two students from the day class are the only students who know about the vamps, one of them is the adoptive daughter of the headmaster, Yuki Cross and the other is her childhood friend Zero Kiryu. When Zero was young, he lost his family to a vampire, ever since, Zero hates the very species of vampires. Yuki, the main main character, has no memory of her childhood except for one night of blood, snow and Kaname rescuing her. Ever since, Kaname and Yuki got attached.


Vampires are divided in multiple categories. The first class is the pure-blood, with no human ancestry ever. The second class, the aristocracy, has very little human ancestry, the aristocracy makes up the senate, who are charge of protecting the pure bloods. The third class, are the regular vampires who have quite the amount of human blood in their ancestry. The last class, Class D, are humans that were turned to vampires by pure bloods, because only they possess that ability. This class is usually unstable and eventually falls in the lower class E, which are vampire that have gone mad and feed on humans. In their fancy society, vampires feed on water-soluble blood tablets, and not from humans or animals. 

The plot of this anime is centered around the love triangle involving Yuki, Zero and Kuran Kaname, the pure-blood vampire, that is highly regarded by his brethren. Although he wouldn’t hold a candle to my boy, Rai from Noblesse, Kaname is quite a big deal in this anime, in both power and status. 



The romance theme is the only thing driving the plot in this anime. It’s not extravagant, but Yuki has some feelings towards Kaname, but Zero has some feelings towards Yuki, but dislikes Kaname. When their fates intertwine and plot twists happen, the story takes a more worthwhile tone. The dark vibe of the animation can be a little depressing, but it does make a pretty good carrier for the romance, blood and vampire aspect.

The character design, something I haven’t noted on any previous highlight section ever, but Vampire Knight has some gorgeous character designs. Yuki is average but, Zero and Kaname came to COLLECT. 



Guys, honestly, it’s dullness after dullness. The drama is not gripping, the action gets so redundant it’s tiring. The sudden plot twist concerning the main characters was so weird, I was not having it. The other characters are so dull, I was even more disappointed, if it’s not about Kaname, they don’t exist.

The main characters are given some insight, but even then, it’s as if they took away common sense, especially in Yuki. The plot has her doing things in order to create drama and incite romance, but it’s so unnatural, repetitive and mundane, it just makes Yuki look dense. I won’t spoil much, but Yuki repetitively gets in trouble, only to be saved by either Kaname or Zero, but then the plot awkwardly tries to prolong the series and the character drama through a series of cliche outcomes that don’t lead to much development. In the rare moments of actual romance, Yuki indecisiveness has the entire scene look banal. It gets so repetitive, therefore disappointing.

Some scenes will give you a little peek at the feelings and thought processes of the characters that will let you know why they do what they do and so on, some level of insight. For example in Yuki, her feelings for her two friends whether it’s actual love or gratitude is a great dilemma for her and responsible for the many back and forths of the series, which I grew tired of.

The plot tried, but failed at giving the story a ground to stand on, plus in addition to that and the basic main characters, the romance suffered. As for thrill and excitement, let’s not even go there. Everything was either average or below, in simpler terms, the good things about this anime did not outweigh the bad. So for that reason I won’t recommend it. 

The idea of a love triangle was not bad, and adding the theme of vampires to spice it up was a good idea, and it could’ve resulted in a decent anime, had there been more gripping action, and also some common sense. Had the characters been more steadfast in their actions and not so vague and distant, the drama could’ve been more gripping. As a result, the romance is a let down because the characters are just so brainless or way too passive. In addition, the ending is so stale, it just lets the entire story down. Those of you who love this anime please tell me why.

RATING: Story: 5 Plot: 6 Main Characters: 7 Characters: 5 Action: 7.5 OVERALL SCORE: 6.1 Not SirMeliodas Approved.

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One thought on “Vampire Knight – Anime Review

  1. Haha great summary of this series. I remember watching way back and the fanclubs for kaname and zero it was crazy. This was my first vampire anime got me into my guilty pleasure of the sub genre. Haha it was a train wreck with its romance . Yuki indeed was the most Indescive thing.


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