Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 8

Hi guys, I know I’m a little late, but life sat on me with all her weight and wouldn’t get up, I felt so drained this past couple days. Now that I feel better, I’m back to writing.

Wow, where do I even start guys? Notice how this episode was relatively quiet compared to the other ones? The plot delivered so much value and sacrificed action, but it was completely worth it. First, I want to point out how mature these kids have become, and I’m not just talking about the main crew, but the other ones as well, they all established the situation objectively and weighted the pros and the cons without involving their feelings and getting exited, despite everyone being on edge. Tsuyu-chan displayed her ability to be a mediator, and Iida-kun’s decision took a lot of thought considering the risks. These kids are very well fit to be heroes, all they lack is a little more experience.

Yaomomo’s additional contribution to Iida’s decision to accompany the kids, I think was great, it adds a little more insurance to that risky expedition. Not to mention her most valued input into the country’s GDP, a most noble cause as a hero. 

Moving on to what I think was the highlight of the episode, was how Bakugo is surprisingly similar to Midoriya in his convictions. From the way Bakugo was portrayed thus far, it wouldn’t be crazy to think he just joined the hero course because he’s powerful but doesn’t have a definite motive and can be swayed easily. However, he just proved this statement wrong by showing where he stands, sticking to his words, and backing them up with his actions, A MAN.

Despite his frequent rage quits, I think Bakugo is more than a loudmouth, whenever I get insight from Bakugo I am more exited than ever, I underestimated my own perception of him, he is an incredibly unpredictable character and seeing him speak out his feelings is more satisfying than I thought. However, he is in quite a pinch after the stunt he just pulled. So, are we gonna see a Meliodas vs the 9 commandments type of fight? Or will the kids intervene, or will the pros intervene, or all 3 ! Lord, next episode better be packing a punch.

Boku no Hero Academia S3 - 08

I am very satisfied with this anime so far, from season 1 to now, its characters are absolute jewels, and its storyline is getting better and better as the anime progresses. Thank you for reading.

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And The Best Dressed Award Goes To…

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