How I Started Blogging

Hi everyone, how are you guys? Today is June 1st, and although it hasn’t been exactly 5 months since I started, this is still the 5th month of my blogging existence, and notice how this is a different introduction, well for a different kind of post, I wanted to change things up a little. I feel really good today, and I want to share this goodness, sending virtual hugs is a thing right? Then here you go =)

sending virtual hug


Remember to always tackle the day with a positive mind and a confident soul, you got this. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, and get ready for a little throwback in how I started blogging. I hope you enjoy.

Having started blogging about 5 months ago, I’m already overwhelmed by the amount of talented bloggers and youtubers there are in this industry. I’ve read so many posts who’ve inspired me and pushed me to create new stuff on my website, I admit I felt intimidated, but I still pulled through, or at least trying, because if my content is gonna stand out, it has to be a at least half as good as the ones I’m reading. But even though I think of myself as a decent writer, when I compare my posts and overall blog to some others, I feel like a child competing against adults at spelling bee.

When I start something and put a lot of time and effort into it, I’m a lazy person so it’s a big deal for me to commit to something and actually put in the work, I don’t like to give up. After watching a whole season of Naruto and other anime where the main characters just preach never to give up, I would disappoint the life out of them if I did. I also love writing about anime, and I want to keep going as long as I will keep watching anime.

Writing anime

Before I even thought about blogging, every time I finished watching an anime, I always had a plethora of thoughts just popping in my mind aching to be discussed and elaborated. At first, I would think about them and elaborate them within me, but as I kept going, they got a lot louder, and it felt as if I needed an audience to satisfy them. So whenever I had my monologues in the shower, these thoughts would turn into a full-on discussion with myself, and I was surprised at how good and thought out they became the more I let them out. And that’s where the idea of starting a blog came out.

When I first started my blog on a platform I forgot the name of, the set up was so complicated, and I’m someone that if I cant get something to look like what I have in mind, I don’t want it, and I won’t settle with it either. So after about 2 posts, I had to close it because I did not like the format and the look of the website, and I thought if I was a visitor, I would exit it.

My next attempt was on Blogger, but then the same thing happened, I didn’t like the set up at all, and after the same 2 posts, I closed it. After that, I gave up writing a blog altogether. But then came fall 2017, after watching seasonal anime like normal, my thoughts started rambling again, and I eventually decided to try again one last time, this was at the beginning of the year in the middle of January. I opened google and searched for the best websites to start a blog, I got this nice list of options, and that’s where I discovered WordPress. I wrote my first post at around the beginning of February.

Like I said, I really wanted my set up to look nice, to look like something I would enjoy stumbling upon as a visitor, and WordPress themes had just that. But I didn’t want a free plan, because then my domain had weird numbers in, and I couldn’t get all the fancy gadgets I needed to enhance my website. So I wanted to see what else could WordPress offer, and I saw the business plan with all kinds of fancy gadgets and decided to go for this one, mind you I thought the part where it said billed yearly was an option and that you could chose how you’d like to be billed after entering the payment method. When it showed $300 I thought I would be charged on a monthly basis and they were just telling me the full amount, and I thought to myself, well if they happen to charge me the whole $300 right off the bat, I’ll just ask for a refund and settle with something good but less extravagant. So when they charged my card a nice -$300, I was like…. Yikes ! WordPress had indeed charged me the whole amount. So when I read their emails, I realized I had 30 days to ask for a refund, so I decided to go on with the plan for about 2 weeks and then ask for the refund, just so I could see if this plan was worth its price. So during the whole two weeks, I got used to all of things the business plan had to offer and I felt like I couldn’t go below that because I didn’t want to lose what I already had, and I didn’t want to have to adjust some stuff and deal with complications because I had downgraded my plan. But when I realized I only had 3-4 posts out, and the -$300 blow to my card was huge, I had to retract it. So I email WordPress and they issued my refund.

With my website not what it used to be in a way, I asked myself again if I wanted to keep blogging. Was it really worth it? What was I looking to gain from it? But then my thoughts would not leave me alone, I had to share them somehow, I wanted to, I love anime and there is so much I want to say about it to someone but not everyone around me knows what it is, or what it means to someone who watches it, they just see it as cartoons and trivialities, so I really only had myself to care about what I thought about anime, and I was okay with that, but I still felt like I should write and publish my thoughts on some anime, because I felt like I would really love doing that. And when I started, there was no going back, I love reviewing anime, and now that I got to see the amount of things anibloggers can do, it helped me expand my agenda into adding episode reviews, top 10s, posts like this one, and I’m still looking to improve. So, back when I had downgraded plans, I decided I would keep writing even if my website had a weird numerical domain, and seo was almost nonexistent, and I was restricted on media and whatever else was taken away from downgrading from a business plan.


But a few weeks later, WordPress emailed me and told me that they wanted to know why I canceled the plan and whatever, and then, when I scrolled down, I saw they had offered me a 50% discount on the business plan if I renewed it within 1 or 2 days or so, so I thought it was really good deal, 150 for the whole year, I told WordPress to sign me up.

And this is how I got where I am today, even though I’m still a little new, I really want to continue and expand my blog in content and more posts. The name “SirMeliodas” came from watching 7-Deadly Sins dubbed and hearing princess Elizabeth say it over and over until even I got hooked on the name.

Now, whenever I finish an anime, and my thoughts start to ramble, I go straight to the draft page and let my brain vomit on the page, which results in sometimes a very messy post, but with all the ideas and points I want to elaborate. Most of the time, after writing a post I feel really good about, I find myself out of breath, literally drained of energy, does it happen to anyone else? I’m just curious.

My blog is like a journal, whenever I feel like I have something to share, I just come here and start writing and it all comes together, and the more I do it, the more I realize there is a lot I can do. Some posts have taken me weeks to write, but nevertheless, with time and determination, I was able to do it. So far, I’m still wowed by other bloggers and the quality of their posts, I keep getting inspired to write something new and different. It’s not easy, but it’s really fun.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, this sounds very cheesy, but there is really no other way to put it, I haven’t written a post like that before, and I think I’ll start writing more post like these whenever I have an idea in mind. Thank you for reading. 


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