Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 9

I believe this is the type of episode that shouldn’t be released unless the following episode is released at the same time.

The pro heroes are actually really good at their job, during the first part of the counterattack, I was honestly impressed, there was no way the kids could’ve pulled something so meticulously and stably prepared. But the retaliation from the enemy shook everyone to the ground, literally. I thought the episode would end with the enemies captured, and Bakugo released, but I wouldn’t have liked that outcome, because then, everything the plot had built thus far since the ambush at the summer course would’ve been for naught, so the plot twist of All for One finally coming out of the shadows and coming for blood is what saved the episode.


The first statement I made in this post refers to how shortly after revealing the plot twist, the plot gave us a cliffhanger and ended the episode, leaving a lot of the thrill and additional details to the next episode. 

Bakugo-shounen has yet again been captured, begging the question of what exactly is the enemy trying to do? An all out showdown between the pros and the League of Villains as a whole including the All for One and the nomus might prove very difficult considering All Might’s health and how easily the All for one guy apparently defeated Jeanist and Mt. Lady. The story is heading into climax and we’re here for it. Thank you for reading.

Screenshot (34)



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