Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 10 Review

As you may have noticed, I did not do a review on episode 9 and here I am writing about episode 10. But if you refer to episode 7 review I explain some reasons as to why I might not choose to review an episode. Should you really want me to review it, you can always comment and let me know, and I will try my best to find something from the episode to talk about. 

Whereas episode 9 was full of Tsukiyama’s failed attempts at getting Haise to remember him, this episode was a little different. The focus was on the Tsukiyamas yet again but this time with a different twist, they are severely under attack by the CCG and Shu will most likely be the only survivor thanks to his dad’s intervention by sending him away to join allies. 

Also, Shirazu got a buzz-cut, and you know when an anime character changes hairstyle usually that means there is about to be a truckload of development to come. We saw in this episode the reason he is fighting ghouls and why he’s an investigator, all he needs is money to help his little brother and his determination is pushing him forward, especially after holding back his whole team because he couldn’t bring himself to use Nutcracker’s quinque. I Love seeing these kind of inner motivations that lead to growth in anime characters.

Haise is swimming in dangerous Kaneki-waters. Haise has uncovered the death of Kotaro Amon, who died in the fight against Kaneki during season 2, and realized how broken, hurt, and guilty Kaneki feels about his death. The thing is, Haise remembering Amon is leading to remembering Anteiku, Touka and subsequently Hide, and I don’t think Haise is ready for that, Kaneki probably blames himself badly for Hide’s death and the guilt might just kill him. Yet Haise is determined to find out more about himself for the sake of Kaneki at the cost of his current life. This dilemma is pretty interesting to watch. Haise explicitly stated that he does not want to remember his past memories for fear it will disrupt his current life and he will go back to being alone, but at the same time, the Kaneki in his subconscious is crying and hurting and Haise has a pretty strong desire to help him. So, Haise is willing to help Kaneki, but in doing so, he’s putting his current “life” in jeopardy.

The little girl who seems to be the head of Aogiri Tree has twisted, perverted, corrupted, and poisoned the mind, body and probably the soul of Kanae, Tsukiyama’s “assistant”, I mean she is probably Himiko Toga in disguise. Towards the end of the episode, we see Kanae struggling with dark, twisted thoughts, much like the scene with Kaneki and Jason back in season 1, and having stitches all over his eyes, and mouth. After that, the episode just ended. 

Okay, I’m just going to say this now, Tokyo Ghoul season 3 has not impressed me, if they and I think they do, only have 3 episodes left to close the season, I will be disappointed. So far, 10 episodes in and this is what we got? Wow…

I don’t read the manga but I think I’m gonna have to. I don’t understand why the season was built like this, it feels like they’re going to leave all of the juicy plot details for the final episode. It also feels like they tried to give everyone, literally everyone in the show some development and attention, causing the plot to spread itself too thin, and go through multiple back and forths, resulting in less overall story development and less development for important characters.

Now I would say that some characters’ portrayal and development might have been unnecessary, but because I don’t know where the plot is headed or the kind of input these seemingly unimportant character may have in the future, I won’t just brush them off as trivialities, but I’m still confused and a little disappointed at how the whole season 3 is wrapping up. Thank you for reading.

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