Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 10

We are talking some serious plot action here. That episode was the absolute bomb, I think I rambled enough of how proud of the kids I am, but let’s talk about their ingenious outmaneuver, my mind is still trying to wrap itself around all that greatness. I am constantly impressed with Midoriya, the mounting of the plan and its execution were absolutely flawless, and he even took into consideration Kirishima’s relationship with Bakugo to ensure maximum chances of success, had it been Deku, Bakugo might have hesitated and cause the ENTIRE plan to crash, leading to potentially deadly consequences. 

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I was honestly shook to the core of planet Earth. Striking at a most unexpected time, everything just went smoothly and throughout the whole thing, I was on the edge of my seat, anxiously wondering if they were going to succeed, or if some random enemy was going to thwart their masterful endeavor. But thank the lord, Mt. Lady and Gran Torino intervened, making the plan a complete success. And finally with Bakugo out of the way, All Might was finally able to go all out. 

Now, some things I notice throughout the episode, while Shigaraki was escaping through Warp Gate, he said something about All for One’s body, which led me to believe that All for One may not be as strong as he could be and perhaps because of that, through a grueling fight with All Might, he might lose, or both might succumb, but All for One would nonetheless die. Or maybe I’m overthinking this.

With how easily A.F.O defeated the pros, All Might and Endevor might be the only heroes capable of tackling him, so we might see a fight with the two teaming up or maybe a simple assist. All Might has already lost his figure and he is now acting on sheer resolve, without the backing of his huge body. If AFO could send him flying while being all buff and strong, now that he’s a stick man, the fight will become seriously difficult.

In any case, this episode seriously delivered and packed a great punch. I’m really looking forward to the next episode, Thank you for reading. 

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