Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 11 Review

Hi guys, I am unusually late as you can see, but as I described in my previous post, I’ve been travelling and my days have been FULL, this morning was the only time I could sit down and resume breathing, so I took the occasion to write this post, cause y’all know I have to add my grain of salt.

Right off the bat, the feels of that episode were up there, All Might’s devotion to defeating AFO was striking, although losing his buff body, feeling the pressure of his secret being exposed, and getting thrown here and there, the words of encouragement and love from his friends, former master, fellow heroes, students, civilians, and the world, just resonated in All Might’s heart and soul, and boosted his quirk to what was probably one million percent ! I can definitely see how he and Gran Torino see Midoriya as being just like him, he really is. That scene reminded me a lot of episode 4 when Midoriya gave his all to save Kota.

Screenshot (87)

The best moment in that episode in my opinion, was All Might’s message to Midoriya, lord hold me. The whole vibe of the moment, when everyone was cheering thinking All Might was coming for the rest of the villains and that he is and will always be triumphant, but in reality, Midoriya’s interpretation of the message in a whole different light, was the truth, and he started tearing up. That part really got to me, it was like the passing of the torch at a graduation, I loved it.

Right then and there, Kacchan gave Deku a confused side eye, and that was also a little noteworthy, as Deku’s reaction was ultimately the opposite of everyone around him. Kacchan seemingly doesn’t care about Deku, and although he still didn’t care then, he was still wondering why the hell was Deku crying, didn’t your favorite hero just won?! Mind you, the others who were there apparently did not even notice Midoriya’s reaction. I wonder if Bakugo truly cannot see how great Deku is? Or is he acting this way with him because he sees that and is jealous? Well, more like enraged. This reminded me of how Endeavor felt about All Might and finally told him earlier in the episode when All Might needed all the support he could get. Maybe Kacchan has similar feelings towards Deku, which prompts the constant rivalry and the need to prove himself as superior.

Their relationship will forever be fun and interesting to watch, as these two are given a lot of focus from the plot, yet are complete opposites as Deku is almost a stranger to Bakugo, while to Midoriya, Bakugo is a friend. 

This anime has a whole lot of interesting plot threads other than the main storyline, and I’m really glad I got to watch this anime. Thank you for reading.

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