The Impact Anime Had on Me

Good day everyone, how are you guys? Today I’m writing about my feelings, is that weird, well if you think it is, you’ll just have to deal with it.

So the other day, I noticed I received some traffic from another blogger’s post, and when I checked it out, there wasn’t any tagging or anything that connected to my post, so I thought it was probably a mistake or maybe one of my post showed up as a suggestion.  The post was by blogger Irina, titled “The Power of Tears in Anime“, boy this is a good one, give it a read, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, and my post today relates to that. I honestly learn so much from Irina’s blog, just throwing that in there.

So after reading this post, I realized that I too had changed in a way having to deal with tears. Today, if you met me, whenever I get exited about something, I don’t necessarily jump around, scream and celebrate, instead I cry. I just cry, and my family looks at me like ?!?… But then I tell them it’s because I’m exited or happy, or pretend I got dust in my eye. But here’s the thing, it can be the slightest bit of excitement or a simple good feeling of accomplishment and here it is, the waterfall. And I know for fact that this is due to anime.


Before, whenever I was exited or happy, I wouldn’t cry, unless it’s a big deal worthy of tears, but that’s normal and it happens to everyone. But ever since I opened up my mind into watching other genres of anime instead of just fantasy, some anime really hit me. Anime like Free!, Code Geass, Hunter X Hunter, Orange, Your lie in April and some others, I cried like a baby, mind you not necessarily because the story was sad or some characters died, yes I cried for that, but more intriguingly, in anime like Free!, HxH, Yuri on Ice, and even Noragami where the story isn’t sad, I still cried.

It was because I felt so proud of the amazing characters for their accomplishments, I couldn’t hold myself, and I wasn’t going to. I don’t like doing that either, every since I started crying while watching sad anime, whenever I feel like I want to cry for whatever moment it may be in any anime, I don’t stop myself.

I kinda like it, it helps me empathize a lot more with the characters and I just feel better. I don’t necessarily cry when they cry, it’s really when I’m overwhelmed with something they accomplish, like a goal they had been working on since the anime started, and when they finally achieve it, seeing all the effort, sacrifices and growth that went into accomplishing this goal really gets to me. It doesn’t even have to cover the whole series, the moment I get attached to a character and I’m rooting for them, whenever they make me proud, my eyes will water.


Character deaths also get to me but not as easily. Obviously, an attachment would have to be developed over time for me to care about that character, but some characters despite having very little screen time, when killed off, it hits me like a truck, because in the rare moments when they appeared, they lit up the show and my mood so much, that I started liking them and rooted for them as well, so seeing them unexpectedly cut down will bring down the waterfall. Especially if that character was a close friend/relative/parent of the main character which is usually the one I root for the most, their deaths will get to me, also because I empathize at 1000% with the main character and feel whatever they feel. 

Now when I watch anime, I use my tears as a judge, I feel if an anime can make me cry, that means the plot has done a really good job at whatever it’s supposed to do, and not just through portraying deaths of great characters, but through other moments as well. When an anime has plot holes, inconsistencies, or bias in abundance, I don’t care how sad it is, it won’t make me cry. I can’t overlook flaws when they’re so blatant and major, and as for sad scenes in such anime, it becomes difficult for me to focus and care about the sad scenes since the whole thing was brought about from plot holes. Another: The Anime is an example, although a it’s a dark, sad story, I did not shed a tear, because of the abomination that was its plot, and its incredibly dense characters.

So I really like how my tears can be picky at times, but if you can get me to love or be proud of a character(s) or a story, I’m constantly gonna need a tissue box. 

This was simply my own experience with what kind of impact anime had on me, I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you on the next post. Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “The Impact Anime Had on Me

  1. I read this this morning but wanted to come back to it to comment.

    This is a great post and I’m thrilled to see I’m not the only one that has emotional reactions to anime.
    I also cried at HxH and Noragami (and I think Noragami is pretty sad – or at least melancholy)
    And I also agree with you about Another.

    We have super similar tastes it seems.

    As for the referral. Since I often read your blog, your posts will end up in my “posts that are awesome” section pretty often. That’s weher people are coming from 😊


    1. Oh so that’s what it is ! I feel so special lol 😊. I often relate to many things you write about, we do have similar tastes. Thank you for leaving a feedback.


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