My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 14

I’m finally back with MHA season 3 reviews, I had stopped reviewing it because the two previous episodes had nothing in special that I wanted to discuss, but don’t get me wrong and think I had dropped this gem of an anime, absolutely not !

This episode to be honest wasn’t going to get a review, until I reached about maybe the last 3 minutes of the episode. Most of the episode was additional training and a scene foreshadowing Hatsume’s growth, and a potential pivotal role in the future of the series by showcasing her various failures and her determination to push forward regardless. But then, starting with Deku’s epiphany, the episode started to get a lot more interesting. 

Screenshot (137)

Deku’s obsession with All Might shaped his costume, convictions, and ultimately his fighting style. Although it may have been obvious that Deku could’ve fought with his legs as well, to him, it was something he couldn’t envision because he’s never seen All Might do it, and it wouldn’t have crossed his mind to fight in a way different than All Might, so his legs were only used to improve his agility, and Deku was okay with that until he hit a wall.

The ultimate move training session was designed the push the kids even further after improving their quirks. However, being unable to use his arms, Deku did not know what else to do, until All Might unlocked a door in Deku’s mind, leaving Deku with the responsibility to open it. And when he did, when the screen broke and he saw the light, it was an absolute major improvement and growth in Deku.

I must also add the development of Atsui, Bakugo, and Tokoyami, the latter is now using his Dark Shadow like a Susanoo, and it looks really cool, Atsui is seemingly trying to achieve sage mode, and Bakugo’s new move is sending Aoyama to retirement, as it looks like a much more powerful version of Navel Laser. 

Deku is slowly starting to divert in style from his mentor and is creating his own, finally embodying the hero Deku instead of All Might Jr., which is absolutely amazing. I mean even Bakugo was shook, and that says a lot. Thank you for reading.



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