Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 1 Review

Attack on Titan is back ! I’m sure everyone is absolutely hyped for this anime, including me. The studio did not have us wait a lifetime for S3, and I’m really thankful for that. My computer crashed three times, WordPress had a ton of glitches, my internet was lagging, and I got random transactions on my bank statement, clearly, the universe was not ready for another season of Attack on Titan, but here it is finally. 

Screenshot (162).png

Let’s talk about a big change in that new season, and that is the opening. We are so used to groundbreaking, soul-snatching, hearty openings, that the one for season 3 almost didn’t seem like one. But I’m sure it’ll grow on me until it’s on constant replay in my music library. Just like the op from season 2 did.

Into the episode, I have to say that I don’t remember Eren being so straightforward. When he spoke with Historia, and when describing Jean, he was so raw and direct, I found it unusual, it seemed as though he had undergone some development and I somehow missed that. Nevertheless, I really like his character and I’m just gonna have to pay more attention to him. Other than that, Levi-dancho came to collect the hearts of its viewers. It also seems he will be getting a lot more screen-time in this season as the current antagonist is familiar with him. 

As for the story, it seems to have shifted its focus, whereas in season 1 and 2 the titans were the center of attention and were what the entire series was focusing on. In season 3 however, we see that corruption is burgeoning more and more within the walls and enemies are now other human beings. I really want to know the motives behind the Military polices’ corruption and why Kenny is hell bent on killing people, for who or for what reason, and of course a little backstory.

Because although they have walls, titans are still at large and are still a threat, why would the humans waste resources and manpower fighting against themselves in such a substantial way. I know we cannot expect a human society to be perfect, crimes, robberies and the likes are still going to be an issue. But in a world like Attack on Titan, what exactly do people already in power have to gain from it, I mean a simple fracture in your walls will bring down your empire, so…

Anyways, I’m looking forward to how the story will continue to unfold and the truth about the many secrets. The thing is, AOT has a habit of diverging way too much from its main plot onto its many other plot threads, and most of the time, I’m not really interested, for example last time, Ymir’s backstory had me a little drowsy, I was looking for answers to the many things that happened in s2, and Ymir’s backstory was taking up a whole lot of episode time, and I was like okay we get it, next ! So I’m a little iffy on those plot shits, but I’m optimistic for what’s to come in s3 especially since it’s supposed to have 24 episodes. Thank you for reading.

Screenshot (165)





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