Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 6

What a serious handful of powerful content we got from episode 6. A lot of truth finally came to light and while doing so, the plot sneakily tied new plot threads to keep us hooked and prolong the mysteries. 

First, the source of Eren’s power was probably the juiciest detail from this episode. Eren got his powers from eating his dad who had eaten Frieda and acquired her power, which probably made the powers compound, thus giving Eren both of their abilities and making him immune to the Reiss’ mind manipulation. Before we get to Reiss, I want to know what kind of injection did Grisha Jaeger give to his son and for what purpose, why would you turn your 6 year old into a titan. Are you kidding me. And why would the powers only re-appear after Eren was swallowed, it’s not like he hadn’t gotten hurt before, since that seems to be the trigger. Sunday where are you. 

Now, about this Royal family, are they good or bad? Apart from their gruesome and tragic end, we still don’t know who is supposed to eat Eren and what they plan to accomplish when they acquire his power, and what is the role of the Reiss family in all of that. 

With Eren’s father being responsible for the extinction of the Reiss, leaving Historia and her father as sole survivors, his relationship with Historia will be pretty conflicting, and it could potentially pin the two against each other in the near future. However, with a lot of information and mysteries still unrevealed, I can’t really predict anything. 

Screenshot (210)

I think this episode did a great job at illustrating the backstories and the truth to so many mysteries. To the more analytical watchers, the season might’ve been boring to them thus far, but I think with episode 6 they are more likely to stick around. I also want to know how does the beast titan connect into all of that, because he is the only human-titan portrayed thus far, that we don’t know about.

With all these revelations, I cannot wait to see the point where all of the plot threads including the trio’s “treachery”, the Reiss family, the beast titan, the Ackermans and Eren’s family are unraveled and all the events start to connect and make sense, imagine the braingasm. Insane. 

Screenshot (202)
Frieda Reiss

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