Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 7 Review

And here I thought episode 6 was a handful, episode 7 was like “hold my purse.” In one episode, Historia had more character development than anyone in the entire series run so far. I had no idea she would’ve been such a central part in the series ever, I honestly thought she was a character the plot added to later kill dramatically and keep the show’s reputation for ruthlessly killing off cast. 

I was proven wrong. Given the responsibility to eat Eren, get his powers, uncover Frieda’s memories of the origin of titans, and rule humanity as its god was insane, not to mention turn herself into a titan to accomplish said tasks. Her father almost succeeded in manipulating his daughter into doing what he calls “her duty” and almost conditioned her to believe it as well, who knew Ymir’s words would’ve had such an impact in the future of humanity, as they were the only thing that stopped her from injecting the titan spinal fluid that would’ve turned her. 

Something we absolutely have to mention is the rescue team, Mikasa, Levi, Armin, Sasha, Conny, Hange, and Jean, I had to name all of them because they deserved it after that episode. The mental fortitude it took these kids to slice through human flesh and carry on with their mission was insane, last episode we saw how Levi made it clear that if they hesitate, the enemy will not and they will end up dead. In this episode, we saw each and every single one of them kill at least one mercenary, Levi and Mikasa were walking death gods, reaping countless souls as they go, sending Ichigo and Rukia to retirement, but for the other ones who did, even just one kill, and the processing it’ll take after all this is over, will surely lead to more growth and development for them, and I’m honestly looking forward to it. This series is mature, and it is showing that in many aspects other than through gore and violence. 

Eren and Historia
I just had to put this one in there

The fighting scenes during those moments paragraph 3 is all about were absolutely epic, my breath was snatched from my lungs, needless to say more. I want to elaborate one more mystery before we move on to the final part, did you notice in Eren’s memories how his father, briefly before injecting the fluid into Eren and subsequently dying, told him “you will be the one to avenge your mother”, I don’t know how that fits into the narrative the Reiss guy was talking about, and why would Eren’s father feel the need to take the power out of the Reiss’s hand and give it to his son? Obviously there are many more unanswered questions, but after getting episode 6 and 7, I won’t get too greedy just yet.

The final point of the episode I want to discuss is when Historia’s father said he cannot himself become a titan for reasons undisclosed, but then proceeded to ingest the fluid once Historia discarded it, hence turning himself into what seems to be a very scary titan. Next episode will have to answer that hopefully.  I am pretty satisfied with the season so far, it’s exiting and its plot is moving forward, I’m really enjoying. Thank you for reading.

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