Halloween Watchlist – Top 5

Hi guys!! It’s been centuries, but I am back as if I never left. Today since Halloween is around the corner, I want to dive into some scary anime I’ve watched that left me speechless, in terms of death scenes and gore mainly. 

Most of the anime in these genres rarely have a solid plot or worthwhile characters, making the only reasons to watch them being the horror and gore. This top 5 will contain some titles with substantial plots, but I was still letting you know of the other ones without one.  So without further ado, let’s get into this list. 

5 – Corpse Party

Corpse Party

This anime is very eerie, it follows the story of a mythical haunted kindergarten with a violent backstory. One night, Middle schoolers and their teacher (I don’t know who gave her a teaching licence) decide to put this legend to the test in honor of one of their classmates leaving, by doing a ritual I believe to invoke the spirit of one of the well known victims of the kindergarten. “Sachiko”. Turns out, they get transported into that kindergarten where they face not only the ghastly looking spirits of the kids, but also the serial killer. The kids have to find their way out of this hell, and go back to the real world, but the ghosts are not about to let that happen. – This anime contains horrible death scenes, something I would call extreme. If you’re only looking for a mild thrill and mild gore, avoid this one. 

4- Tokyo Ghoul S1-S2


If you haven’t started TG yet, now would be a good time, unfortunately I cannot recommend season 3, because it’s really bad, but S1&2 will certainly make for a good horror.

If you don’t know, the story is about a young boy, Kaneki Ken, who meets this mysterious girl, Rise. Hyped and facilitated by Kaneki’s bestie, Hide, Kaneki goes on a date with Rise. However, she turns out to be a flesh eating monster, a ghoul, and attacks Kaneki. The latter is saved mysteriously and during the emergency care he received on site, Rise’s Kagune, which is the ghoulish membrane all ghouls posses, is transferred into Kaneki. Kaneki then becomes a half-human, half-ghoul, his whole life changes and he gets involved into sticky ghoul business even more. 

3- Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress

The world was stricken with a deadly virus that turns humans into “Kabane”, zombie like creatures who can only be killed by piercing their heart cage with iron. These savages rampage and murder in mass, turning entire villages, and cities into zombielands. Protagonits Ikuma develops a weapon that can effectively kill the kabane, however, he gets bitten in the process but manages to stop the virus from reaching his brain, turning him into a “Kabaneri” which is a human with kabane abilities. He embarks into an adventure to get the survivors to a safe land, and exterminate the kabane. This series is very reminiscent of Attack on Titan. 

2- King’s Game – Oosama Gamu

This one is almost like a revamped version of “Another” coupled with “Mirai Nikki”.

Nobuaki transfers to a new school, but something follows him. Text messages start to order the students of his class, including him to do things, ranging from simple to absolutely ludicrous. The messages are sent by an unknown entity known as the “King”, and the punishment for not obeying is up to the King’s choice, and it’s usually a gruesome death. From past experiences and with the help of some classmates, Nobuaki is determined to exterminate the King and end this horrible game, but with their life on the line, can these classmates really be trusted?

This story depicts the aspects of human nature when their life is on the line and the terrible things they are capable of, it has copious amounts of blood, and horrible death scenes, so watch with discretion. 

Honorable Mentions

1- Parasyte

Very reminiscent of TG, an alien parasyte infects humans and takes control of their bodies in a matter of minutes, when a parasyte infects Shinichi Izumi in his hand, he manages to stop the blood flow and keep the parasyte trapped in his hand, causing it to mature and take control of the hand. The two become a very odd duo and start to take down other aliens in gruesome battles. I was never able to finish this anime, I don’t know why, I watched it twice and both times I could never reach the end. From what I remember however, it got pretty intense at times. 

2- Another

If you read my review of Another , you know I do not like this anime and would not recommend it on a normal basis. However, since the focus of this post is just horror anime with disregard for the plot and its characters, Another can sit here. 

3- Tokyo Majin

I watched this anime a very long time ago. From the snippets in my memory, this anime was pretty good in terms of action and maybe perhaps plot as well. I remember I kept coming back to it, and I’m pretty sure it was for more than just action.

Tokyo Majin is the story of high school friends (horror is always better in a HS setting is it not) who suddenly develop abilities after a battle with a demon. They now work together in ridding the city of a peculiar type of undead and other entities. This special type of undead comes back to life to murder their closest friends and family members, and are controlled by other demons. 

1 – Mirai Nikki – Future Diary

This one has a slightly better plot than the others, so there’s that. Mirai Nikki follows the story of shy, scaredy cat Yukiteru or Yukki and his classmate crush Yunno Gasai. When a string of text messages start to predict the future and force the 12 “diary holders” to kill each other in order to become “god”, the madness begins.

A diary holder is someone who has the power to see or know about the future as it pertains to them in a manner that fits into their character and personality. All 11 other diary holders are somewhat psychotic individuals who do not hesitate to murder in order to move forward with their goals. The story becomes more interesting when we realize that the current “god” and his associates have an agenda of their own. 

I’m not sure I understand the ending of this anime, but it’s a pretty good watch during Halloween season.


That is all guys, I hope you enjoyed or found this useful, maybe you could pick your Friday night anime series from this list, and if I forgot to add a title or if you have a suggestion, of course let me know. Thank you for reading. 


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