The Promised Neverland Episode 3 Review

We’ve gotta raise the question of the adults in this anime. How come they are in league with the monsters, do they not have any shred of humanity left to be doing such things to kids. Clearly, Isabella’s been doing this job for quite some time and she isn’t the least affected by the death of the kids she “cared” for for so long. After the introduction of Krone, we can see that she too is apathetic and wants to ascend to the role of mother. 

Screenshot (307).png

Are every adults in the anime evil? In the sense that they work for demons, or were they just raised to be as such in a different type of farm? I don’t know what’s going on but it seems the kids are the only kind-hearted beings in this series. 

And back to Isabella, I think she is much too smart to have not noticed how her actions have put herself in check. I’m talking about Sister Krone’s attempt at her position. Isabella knew that if she shared that info with her, she risked putting herself and her position at the mercy of sister Krone’s good faith, which is likely non existent, and Isabella knows better. So I think there is a chance Isabella might get rid of Sister Krone as well, as she knows too much and could jeopardize Isabella’s life. 

The anime has a way of making you tense, it’s incredible. Many times, but especially in this episode, you feel like the kids are constantly being watched, especially as they discuss their plan, which creates this very suspenseful atmosphere, because I keep thinking they’re going to get find out. In this episode, during the forest scene before the game, it felt even more vivid. Now, with the foreshadowing of four-eyes, and the kids’ later discovery of a potential traitor, I felt they were indeed being watched back then by her, so she could report back to mother and sister Krone, which would explain their victorious smirk and notorious, deadly glares towards the trio at the end of the episode. 


Thank you for reading. 

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