The Promised Neverland Episode 4

With most of the events in this episode part of what I had already discussed and predicted, the only surprise was the episode’s final moments. Plot twist and cliffhanger all in just the few final seconds. 

At first, I thought it was a joke. Out of the blue, Norman glares at Ray and accuses him of being the traitor. The writers would not dare end the episode on such an note if it later turned out to be a joke, I would be disappointed. In other words, I am writing this taking into account the fact that Ray might actually be the traitor even though I’m still perplexed and in disbelief.

With everything we know about this anime, the three kids are essentially the saviors, the ones who are going to make everything right and stand together in the face of the antagonist adults, but with this episode’s plot twist, I don’t know where it’s going to go from now. 

So, assuming Ray is the traitor, what would be his motive? Does he want to grow up, become an adult and perpetuate this gruesome cycle? Even if he was promised to live and grow up, is the cost of losing your family worth siding with the demons over attempting an escape? I think Ray had to want this specifically and was fooling everyone all along. Taking all of this in consideration, he already has all the characteristics of an adult. However, I wonder how mother got Ray on her side assuming what I previously said is false. 

Also, I have to say, Norman is super witty. I guess he never told Don or Gilda where the ropes were, he only told Ray. I suppose regardless of who Ray would’ve chosen to be the scapegoat, since only he knew of the ropes’ location, pinning Gilda or Don as the spy would’ve had no effect other than exposing himself. I also have to credit the role the animation played in letting us believe that it was Gilda who slid the letter under Mother’s door. 

Screenshot (318)

Although the series didn’t give us enough of Ray as much as the other two so we could build a connection with him, I still felt like he was part of the fam. I was rooting for all of them. However, it may not be the end, based on Emma’s answer when Norman asked them whether or not they should take the traitor with them, she still said yes, unknowing it’s Ray, so there might still be a future for the three of them.

I am eager to see how this plays out, how Emma will receive it and how it will impact their plan and any action taken henceforth. Did you guys suspect Ray at all? I thought Gilda was the spy, turns out she was only primed to be one, but had a change of heart. I really look forward to next episode. Thank you for reading.

Screenshot (323).png

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