The Promised Neverland Episode 5 Review

The plot thickens. Ray is indeed the traitor, but is at the same time not an enemy, and still not an ally. During his conversation with Norman, he had to come up with something on the spot in order to keep his intentions and/or other potential motives hidden. Why I’m saying that is simply because of the way he sounded during the whole conversation, I can’t tell if he’s telling the truth or trying to finesse his way out of the situation. All those intricate details made the episode very confusing, plus we didn’t hear Norman’s take on the situation, the one the plot usually uses to enlighten the audience. 

With both Norman and Ray being extremely intelligent it’s no wonder that the progression following the discovery of Ray’s true identity and the upcoming events are still very cloudy with almost no possible prediction, at least not from me. 

Screenshot (326)

Also, if Ray has been mother’s spy for 6 years, how did he found out about the truth of the house? He told Norman he became a spy for the sake of this escape and for them, which could be true, as he’s been covering up their mistakes and was the reason they even found out in the first place, but then again let’s not forget who mother is, could she really have trusted Ray to not cause an uprising at some point or become a trump card to some other mastermind (Norman) and play the double agent to dupe her?  I don’t think so, I’m pretty sure she has a plan for this scenario and Sister Krone is not even part 1.  Therefore, Ray could either be lying, telling the truth, or this whole thing is part of his/mother’s contingency plan.

This whole situation could’ve held the story in a stalemate. However, Don and Gilda just had to act on their feelings and get themselves in possibly fatal danger. I personally think Sister Krone is behind the door, but it could be mother, or any of the kids. Should it be an adult, it will cause a whole lot of problem to the kids’ plan. Considering Don and Gilda are not Emma and Norman, they might get expressly shipped out. I have to add that a lot of their drive to do that came from Norman’s lie when he told them Conny was still alive and in possible danger. This added a time pressure in the mind of Don who wants to save her which prompted that hasty, reckless action that could cost him his life and Gilda’s. Had he told them the truth about Conny, they would’ve been less likely to rush the plan. 

I’m exited for next week, I want to see where this will all be going. I still want to believe Ray is a good guy. Thank you for reading.

Screenshot (329).png

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