The Promised Neverland Episode 6 Review

Phil huh? lol, the show had us good. Gilda and Don have finally fell in line and are on the same page as the other three, it took some punches and some tears, but I think it’s better that way I think, it avoids hasty and independent moves. 

On the next note, it seems the cloud of suspicion around Ray is finally clearing up. Although we still haven’t heard Norman’s take on the situation, in the scene where he was digging into Ray’s stuff, he murmured that the latter was amazing. He perhaps discovered something of great importance that supports everything Ray had told him, hence confirming his allegiance to their side. I would like that too to be honest.

Another point I want to discuss is Phil. As odd as it sounds, I think he’s is an interesting character. I think so mainly because he has been a recurring “theme” for lack of a better word, and I think this must mean something. Not only did Ray and Norman note of his aptitude during the escape training, but he also happened to have noticed the Morse code in the books and told Emma. There’s got to me more to this cute little guy, and I’m just waiting for it. 


Other than that, Ray is apparently on the menu for January. So far, he hasn’t told anyone, but I wonder if he will. He might intend to keep it a secret, or he might just tell them bluntly like he told Emma about the spy situation. However, I doubt the escape will take 2 months, so that piece of information mother shared with him, I wonder what purpose it has for us, the audience. I am not feeling any time pressure nor do I feel like Ray is in any kind of danger, but as we’ve seen with this series so far, things aren’t always what they seem. So am I eager to find out how this will play out in Ray’s, Norman’s and mother’s book and how it will affect the plot from then on. 

I also can’t forget about Sister Krone who finally made quite the appearance. The kids basically will have to side with her since she already heard everything and possibly knows about their plans. But, I wonder if Krone is really willing to let the kids escape just to enact revenge on Isabella and become mother. Doesn’t she know that the kids’ escape will also reflect on her? If so, then does she really expect to side with the kids, regardless of what advantage she has, without Norman or Ray to take notice of that potential outcome. From what I think Krone’s plan is, there is nothing for her to gain in helping the kids. The kids can greatly benefit from an adult ally, but the kids’ ultimate goal will put all the adults in jeopardy. That said, does Krone intend to betray them at the last minute when she will have accomplished her goal? Even if that is the case, I’m pretty sure the kids’ will have something up their sleeves to dupe her as well. 

Screenshot (349).png

Here I go again making endless predictions, when I start I could go on and on. We’ll see what next episode has in store. Thank you for reading.

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