Code Geass – Anime Review *

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mecha

Released: 2006


Released eons ago, Code Geass is the amazing, classic, timeless story of Lelouch vi Britannia, the former prince of the world’s most powerful nation, the Holy Britannian Empire, ruled by his father, Charles zi Britannia. Lelouch and his sister Nunnally, are the children of emperor Charles and queen Marianne. However, one night, their palace, in the capital of Britannia, is attacked and queen Marianne dies in the assault. Nunnally, being almost caught in the assault and having witnessed her mother’s death, lost both her sight and the ability to walk. When Charles turned a blind eye on Marianne’s death and did not pursue her killer, fetus year old Lelouch got furious and expressed his anger towards his father by rejecting his inheritance to the throne, and as a result, Charles decided to exile both Lelouch and Nunnally to Japan, under the care of the Kururugi family.


During that time, Lelouch became best friends with Kururugi Suzaku, who later in the story becomes a very important character. Following Lelouch’s exile, and with the help of newly developed technology called “Knightmare Frame”, Britannia invades Japan and transforms it into a territory of Britannia. It was renamed Area 11 and its inhabitants, Elevens. This move only fueled Lelouch’s hatred and anger, and he vows to Suzaku to make Britannia pay. 

A few years later, in Lelouch’s journey to dethrone his father, during an accident, he meets a witch that grants him the power of Geass. Lelouch’s Geass allows to have anyone obey him through direct eye contact, but it works only once, and she warned him of the bloody, sorrowful and dark path Lelouch will have to endure as he bears this power. Lelouch accepts and well… it’s about to go down.

Lelouch then proceeds to create the symbol of change, as the revolutionary “Zero” and starts gathering an army, most of them being former Japanese that share the same ideals as Zero, and want change or Britannia’s destruction. Zero then successfully forms The Order of the Black Knights. Zero is basically Lelouch behind a mask, as if the empire knows that one of their princes is the one behind this political upheaval, that would completely mess up Lelouch’s plans.


With this power in hand and a growing army, Lelouch sees himself much closer to accomplish his goals. Other than wanting to overthrow the Holy Britannian Empire, he wishes to elucidate the mystery behind his mother’s assassination, and to create a better world for his sister. He derives most of his ambition from Nunnally, the lengths he is willing to go is all for her.

Lelouch’s best friend, Suzaku, was also marked by Britannia’s takeover of Japan, he also feels bitterness towards the empire, and wants to change it. However, he has a different approach to overthrowing the empire, and his approach clashes against Lelouch’s, which ultimately pins them against each other.


Lelouch is an incredibly smart character, his IQ is his weapon. He shares a lot of similarities to Light Yagami from Death Note. The way he strategies and executes his  plans is undoubtedly masterful, and he will stop at nothing to complete his plan.

This anime’s story is absolutely epic, it has a pretty strong political theme, so you might get a little loss or confused over some concepts, but the anime still has a lot more to offer. It has a comical and slice of life vibe at times, and a thrilling action vibe at other times, the mix is very well handled and displayed throughout the plot.

The characters are also really good, they have personality, humor, their own values, beliefs, and ambitions which give them a important role in the anime, especially with the political theme of Code Geass, the characters have a voice and are able to influence outcomes. This adds so much more weight to anime, as it gives you a realistic view of what Lelouch has to face when he’s trying to change the world.

The story has quite the number of unexpected events and epic moments, some will have you pausing the video to let your heart process, others will leave you speechless. At the end of season 1 there is a very interesting plot twist, which just hypes up season 2. 


As you can tell by the * in the title, this anime to me is something else, it’s just so amazingly executed, and has a great mix of humor, seriousness, action, epicness and so much more. Code Geass is one of my favorite anime that I would say is Hall of Fame worthy. I am someone who does not like mecha animes at all, but Code Geass is the exception. A season 3 has been announced, and although I’m really exited, at the same time, I’m hoping it will fit well with the previous 2 masterpieces and wrap up the story beautifully. 

RATING: Story: 10 Plot: 10 Main character: 10 Characters: 10 Battles: 8.8 Action/Feels: 10 Overall Score: 9.8  SirMeliodas Approved 

code geass


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