Detective Conan/ Cased Closed – Anime Review

Genre: Mystery, Detective, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen

Released: 1996 – Ongoing


Detective Conan or Case Closed (dub), is the story of an intellectually gifted high school detective and student Shinichi Kudo, but more precisely Conan Edogawa. Let me clarify, one night, while Shinichi was at an amusement park with his girlfriend Ran, or Rachel in the english dub, he witnessed what he thought was a shady deal, by men dressed in black. As he investigated, he was caught by surprise by one of the members of the people he was investigating, and was hit with a bat, and forced to drink a poison.

However, here comes the plot twist, instead of killing him, the poison reverts 17 year old Shinichi , into a 6 year old Shinichi, but his intellect remains intact. As Kudo says himself, ” an adult trapped in a child’s body”, so upon meeting his girlfriend unexpectedly in this shape, he comes up with the name “Conan Edogawa” based on the author of his favorite book ” Sherlock Holmes” by Arthur Conan Doyle.


So today, Conan’s identity is only known by professor Agasa, whom he works with, Haibara Ai, a former member of the “men in black”, who also survived the poison with similar side effects as Kudo. She’s currently on the run from those men, so the professor took her in, and now she is working to find a cure. Finally, Kudo’s best friend, another gifted high school detective from another prefecture, Hattori Heiji. You can imagine how epic the episode is when Heiji and Shinichi join forces.

Conan now resides with Ran and her father, who’s a detective, to secretly investigate those “men in black” while keeping his identity a secret to protect the people he cares about.


Conan is really smart, throughout the series, you’ll get to see how cunning and witty he is when solving cases.

Detective Conan has over 800 episodes, the story’s really taking its time to develop, that’s going to take you at least 2 months to catch up. Aside from the actual story, the Case Closed anime is filled with side stories about Conan solving cases. Most of these episodes are pretty amazing especially the ones before the episodes 700+.

Most episodes before the 700+ range, have an amazing plot. The crimes are so well elaborated and so thrilling, it’s absolutely enjoyable to watch. It can get scary at times, but that just adds to the epicness of some episodes. When Conan reveals the scheme of the murder, through realistic (most of the time) findings, and wit, it makes for an epic, epic moment and wraps up the episode nicely. 

There is a slight romance to the show but it’s really slim and doesn’t happen too often. It’s between Shinichi and Ran or sometimes Kazuha and Heiji. Ran has no idea that Conan is in fact Shinichi and in some episodes, when Conan regains his real form for a short time, the romance kicks in for a brief, yet meaningful moment. We can expect another one of those moments to happen in another 200 episode or so, see? very slight, but still there.

HAMLET - 8a23c02de2


In my opinion, the series has lost some value over the long run, I don’t read the manga, so I don’t know if I’ve been hit by a wave of boring fillers which prompted my prior statement, but around the newer episodesthey got a little boring, and much less interesting to me. I would say the range from 700-800+. I don’t mean that every single episode is a disappointment, but a lot of them are. Compared to the early episodes of cased closed, the newer ones are failures.

Those before were a lot more intense, and much scarier. The mysteries were a lot more complex, sinister and satisfying. There was some blood, but nothing too out of hand, it was what you would expect from a police anime. I loved it, it was definitely one of my favorite anime. Then, when I reached the episode range after 700~, I got really disappointed, it had declined a whole lot, the mysteries were childish, the murders were much less bloody, and the scary aspect of it was gone. The graphics and animation had been beautifully updated, as a matter of fact, the sudden upgrade in animation quality was what marked the transition. I was so disappointed, I stopped watching, but eventually came back when it reached 800.

I have to say, some episodes after the 700s and some in the 800s are worth it, especially those with Heiji or those with multiple parts, amazing as ever, but in the 0-700 episode range, most episodes are just epic. Also, when the plot decides to focus on the actual story, and not the side cases, it gets good. 


About the characters, since the story is developing at such a slow pace, so are the characters, Conan, Ran, Heiji and everyone else is pretty much the same person they were in episode one. Only minor changes or realization were made, as a result, character insight or development isn’t mind-blowing. 

I still love the anime, cause after binge watching over 500 episodes of an anime you like, you can’t hate it, your feelings will get in the way, which is why let Fairytail off the hook. So, I hope in future episodes, they’ll bring back their old style, because Detective Conan is such a great anime, but the recent episodes are just not showing it off. I’ve watched a few episodes recently in the 800 range, and I’m a little more satisfied, it seems they have slightly improved from the previous range and I hope they can continue improving.  


On a side note, I haven’t been disappointed about Detective Conan movies, it currently has 21 movies and I like them all, they’re action packed, the story line is great, the montage for the plot is really well done, there’s enough thrill, and it just feels like the old Detective Conan again.

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