Little Witch Academia – Anime Review

Genre: Fantasy, Magic, School, Comedy, Adventure

Released: 2017


You may know this anime from its movie by the same name, but this time, I’m talking about the 25 episode anime series Little Witch Academia. Humor and fun are embedded in this anime, and the main character, Kagari Atsuko or Akko for short, is full of life and gaucherie. She is a hilarious, energetic powerhouse, that attends the once prestigious Luna Nova school for witches, despite being completely devoid of magic.

The story is not your average everyday witch magic stereotype story, I mean the main character can’t even use magic. The story starts with Akko walking towards the magic entrance of her dream school only to realize that she can’t get in, cause she has no magic (I mean, what did she expect). However, her lack of magic is tied to a surprising event that is revealed later in the story.

Akko holds this school dear because it’s the school her idol, “Shiny Chariot” attended, one of the most prominent witches of her time, but one day Chariot suddenly disappears, but Akko’s dream of meeting her has not, hence the application to Luna Nova. After she finally manages to get in with the help of a student witch, they get transported into a forest and they get attacked by a monster. In the midst of trying to get away, Akko grabs a wand that was lying in the forest, which happens to be Chariot’s wand, Claiomh Solais, however, Akko just calls it “Shiny Rod”, and she uses it to open a portal to the school, despite having no magic, the wand reacted to her. At that particular scene, there is a sort of foreshadowing and plot twist at the same time, but I’m not going to spoil it.

When Akko arrives in the school, you can expect a typical, high school vibe of the “new girl with no magic”, she’s awkward and she barely has made any friends, because people won’t approach her. She encounters her rival, the top student at the school and her lackeys, of course demeaning her and whatnot, like I said, this kind of setting is familiar. Akko’s 2 main friends are the ones who had been with her since the forest detour at the beginning, and they stayed with her since. 


Most of the beginning of the series focuses on Akko’s school life. Her awkwardness, her mistakes, and multiple failed attempts at doing things. The antagonist comes about later in the story, with a plan of revolutionizing the world of magic, by breaking the seal of the Grand Triskellion, a world altering magic. 


The characters bring so much life to the anime, although they aren’t as diversified or as unique as some other secondary characters from other animes, they have certain qualities that really help the show come together. There are about 5 or 6 main characters and the rest are just plain extras, but that doesn’t really matter, because Akko is already a handful and she will keep you hooked.


The character development in this anime is absolutely amazing, if you pay enough attention, you will get to see how Akko slowly evolves as a person and as a witch in the anime, and it really gives you a sense of satisfaction when you see her accomplish things. She grows up so much throughout the show, she’s able to change someone’s view on their life and lifelong decisions with a 2 minute speech (kinda like Naruto), and befriend former enemies. 

In addition, the animation is also really stunning. The plot twists, the fighting scenes, and the magic showcasing scenes are pretty epic. 



To me, the main reason you would want to watch Little Witch Academia is for its comical, fun aspect and also its beautiful displays of magic animations. The story itself isn’t all that gripping, aside for some epic revelation moments. The plot goes off tangents pretty often, I believe it’s to highlight the fun aspect of the anime. When the antagonist appears, the story takes a more serious tone, but that’s only towards the middle-end of the show. Most of it, like I said, is whimsy and comedy.

RATING: Story: 8.5 Plot: 7.8 Characters: 8.5 Main Character: 10 Action/Magic/Comedy: 8.8 OVERALL SCORE: 8.7 SirMeliodas Approved


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