The Promised Neverland Episode 7 Review

What a very interesting plot twist. The insight we got from Sister about this farm business and the real world was insane. However, it seems it will be the last of anything we’ll get of her. Let’s go over some of the things she revealed and things that have happened.

– Adults are bound to the farm. Now that is some news. I thought adults had some clearance and could venture between HQ and plant or perhaps other places, but it seems they are just as bound to this farm as is the house. But then, we learn through Krone about a certain human society that lives outside. Apparently, they work with the HQ in providing clothing for the children, but how did this arrangement even came about? Krone even mentioned that the humans outside are on equal standing as the demons, which is very puzzling, yet this reality creates hope for the kids. 

Going back to Krone’s offer to join forces, it seems I was right in thinking she would immediately turn on them once she got the evidence of their doings. As she does not hold position of mother, shipping is beyond her, so her plan actually had some sort of structure and could’ve worked had her opponent been a clueless goose. Isabella is no such opponent, and during both the scenes where she crossed out the 1st of the month and murmured to herself that it is time, and the last scene where she delivers what seems to be a decisive, unexpected blow to Krone proves that, and it apparently removes the latter from action in a manner not disclosed.

Screenshot (360).png

Isabella has started to move and with Krone out of the picture so quickly and easily, the kids are left as sole prey. 

Before I conclude, let’s not forget about the certain “Him” that sister mentioned, but will most likely fail to elaborate on. Could it be William Minerva or someone else? Either way, we might not get to find out soon, I feel a showdown between Mother, the kids and Ray is upcoming, and will require all attention.

Also, Phil made quite the appearance once again when he surprised Krone in her unwarranted search of property,  I commend Phil for his bravery, righteousness, and for taking such substantial action against the enemy. A round of applause, please, thanks. 

On one last final note, in case you notice my tone may have changed even just slightly, it’s because I’m currently binge watching a Neftlix show about Rome back in the days of gladiators, so the language and their way of speech stuck with me and may reflect in my writing. Other than that thank you for reading.

Screenshot (365).png


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