The Promised Neverland Episode 8 Review

We now see why Isabella was remaining idle this whole time, she was simply plotting and securing herself. With her communication with Grandma, she was able to completely offset any strike from Krone as her position as mother was assured by one of the higher ups, all she had to do was prepare her retaliation towards Krone and the kids. 

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During the scene where Krone is trapped in the gate and minutes away from death, her life naturally flashes before her eyes. We see an innocent, unaware little girl, living her life according to the choices she is given. Which made me realize, the Krone she is today, is only so because she didn’t have the choice to be somebody else. What I mean is that she only learned of the truth in a do or die situation, either become a mom or become food, those type of situations have defined Krone’s life ever since she was little whether she liked it or nor, wanted it or not, it was this or that and she had to choose in order to stay alive. Even her goal of becoming mother was a product of that lifestyle, she only wished for it because she had nothing else to aspire to, deep down she could’ve cared less. We can see that when her attempt to crush Isabella failed, and as she was being strangled by the beast, she murmured her final words to the kids.

We can see how she truly felt all along. Since she was to die, there was no need to hold onto the Sister Krone persona anymore, what started as an alliance to win position of mother and betray everyone, ended in her leaving information inside Ray’s night table and wishing for the kids’ success in their endeavor. She too was fed up with this system and wanted it to end, yet with the way she was brought up since birth and how she learned of the truth so late, the move was not going to start with her, but she nevertheless longed for it, I think that’s what prompted the final act of hiding the information inside Ray’s night table. Perhaps had she learned of the truth before getting shipped she may have attempted an escape herself, at least that would’ve been the first decision she took because she truly wanted to. Her death scene and final words, were some of my favorite moments in this episode.

Moving onto other horrors of this episode, Isabella breaking Emma’s leg was the most awful sound I heard from anime in a long time, I thought she had killed her ! Not to mention, she did that with just one hand, she isn’t just brain, she’s muscles too. She also played an unexpected card once again in revealing Norman’s shipment, and adding to everything she’s done in just a matter of minutes, she may have successfully broken the kids’ will to defy her and destroyed their hope of escaping. 

Following that, one thing I did not understand was some of the kids’ reaction when Isabella brought Emma back from the forest, they were both surprised and terrified. I thought maybe it was because of Emma’s leg, but why would their reaction differ so much from that of the other kids who simply asked what had happened. And of course, let’s not forget Phil, he didn’t do much in this episode, but he was there, so in my eyes we need a round of applause. We’ll see what next episode holds, hopefully the kids’ spirit will recover, and Krone’s hint will serve the will of the gods. ( yes, I’m still watching that Roman series). See you next time 🙂





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