The Promised Neverland Episode 10 Review

After Isabella masterfully played her cards, she destroyed the kids, but more severely Norman. In episode 10, we see Norman’s departure from the Grace Field House, the most emotional part of the anime so far, and even as a moment in anime as a whole, I haven’t felt like that since maybe Noragami or Seraph of the End. After Norman tells Emma and Ray of what to take into consideration for the next escape plan, the very bridge that leads to HQ, he says his final goodbyes to them in the warmest of hugs. Ray even shed tears, needless to say, the reality of the situation really started to hit at that point. 

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Following that, we get a scene, the cutest scene in recent anime history since the platelets where it depicts the kids’ childhood. Now, I have to say, they were so cute, especially little Emma and Norman. This was a very light hearted, alleviating scene, a major contrast to the actual situation, yet necessary as what came after was simply desperation. However, I feel the anime put that scene in here to introduce the homemade telephone Ray had built for them, considering it was the only thing Norman took with him. That made me wonder, although he knew, or expected that he was going to die, why did he take it with him? We still did not see what Krone’s gift was nor did he take it with him. Does he still believe he can escape, or is he going to attempt it? Why wouldn’t he tell the others? Or it could simply be that this item holds sentimental value and he simply wanted to have it with him. Still very suspicious though. 

Seeing how everyone but those involved reacted, it’s safe to say that no one other than the main circle knew of the secret. I’m still keeping a close eye on Phil, but as for the other 2 I was suspecting, it seems they do not know. When Emma was sobbing in the yard, Phil cried and hugged her, my heart started beating again, it was only about 0.5 seconds, but if you missed that part, do yourself a favor and go watch it.

Phil and Emma, The Promised Neverland
Actually I’ll put it right there, you’re welcome.

Before we get into other deep materials, the music was quite on point this time. It tugged at all of my heartstrings as if the scenes themselves were not enough. The final scene between Emma and Norman as he was saying goodbye to her was very emotional and the music nailed the ambiance of that moment.

Now, about Norman’s passing. We didn’t see him get killed or as a corpse, unlike Conny and Krone, so it’s pretty safe to assume that he isn’t dead. Isabella had him ‘wait’ in a room where upon opening surprised Norman. This could either be a plan from HQ, or a plan Isabella herself made, or he might have sat and waited to be killed after, we just don’t know. But let’s take the possibility of his survival, not in the sense of escape, rather in the sense of an offer. Although it was emphasized that only girls could become moms/sister, what if there is a position for men as well? If I remember, there seemed to have been some in Krone’s backstory. Knowing he would make a delicious meal however complicates the situation, but doesn’t make it impossible. 

This episode also had us see into Isabella a lot more than it had previously. It started with when Norman asked her if she was happy. She startled so much which is very unlike her. In the scene where she proposed Emma to be the mom of this plant, she looked sad for her when she refused, again very unlike her. Could it be that Isabella was actually the girl in Grandma’s flashback, and if that’s the case, Isabella could’ve been in Emma’s situation before, where she lost her friends to shipping and after failing to escape, she could only cope with all of it by becoming a mom. In the basement where she keeps the shipped kids’ belongings as a sort of memento and the many times she said or did things not typical or expected of her, sheds light onto the fact that we might not know who Isabella is at all. Where she comes from, what she’s been through or why she is like this. The Isabella we know is probably a mask she wears to deal with her job.  I’m not really good at character analyses, but I look forward to reading bloggers’ post about what they think of Isabella at this point.  

The last thing I want to discuss is Emma’s face at that last few seconds of the episode. Deceit, preparation and ambition were all conveyed in that single look. It reminded of Isabella even. We know Emma has never given up, as Norman had wished it, and she most likely may have been cooking up something. Her leg is probably healed by now but she might be faking it to bypass Isabella or something. We’ll see. 

It seems we only have 2 episodes left until the first season ends. I have to say, I am very satisfied so far with the way this anime developed. For some reason, I feel a time skip is coming, but I won’t know for sure. Until then, see you next time, thank you for reading. 

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