The Promised Neverland Episode 11 Review

What a whirlwind was episode 11. I cannot describe my emotions accurately, but they were all over the place. Let’s begin by reviewing Emma and Norman’s plan.

  • Even Sherlock Holmes himself would take his hat off to the twelve year old’s shrewdly prepared escape plan. Although the plan was outlined by Norman, it was nonetheless executed by Emma. She purposefully remained depressed as means to keep Isabella’s eyes off the other kids while preparing these very kids to become her trump card. She had them carry out the entire remainder of the preparations while she was building the contingency for Ray’s own plan. 
  • As Norman stated it, Emma was to use Ray’s initial idea of starting a fire, but she she was to save him, outwit mom and escape with everyone. This plan wasn’t just brilliant in terms of preparation and cunning from Norman, Emma and Ray, even if the latter was unaware of Norman’s twist, but Emma’s execution was really what brought it all together. The three of them really make an incredible team.

During the whole scene at the beginning, with just the conversation between Emma and Ray, I was on the edge on my seat. I honestly though Ray was going to die despite how wrong it would’ve been for him to die. The plot kept us in the dark at that point to make Ray’s plan sound even more believable and as the sole possible option. The scene then shifts to Isabella, and as soon as she hears Emma scream “RAY!!!” my breathing stopped right then and there. 

As the scene progresses, something happens, Emma disappears right from behind Isabella. As she looks on her merchandise GPS and sees that “Emma” is apparently to the left of the hall, she heads out and startles at the sight of a bucket.

  • At that point, I definitely knew that it was the plan that was in motion and I was dreading the ear even before Isabella found it. I didn’t want to believe Emma would resort to that especially since she had the device Ray had made. But when Isabella found the ear and started speculating about what was going on, I kind of felt like that was all Emma, and there was a good chance Ray was actually alive, I was still kind of horrified at the ear being cutoff.

Moments later, the whole orphanage, well except for one, we’ll get to that later, gathered outside in their gears ready to escape. The kids I was suspecting all along did happen to know after all, I just found their easygoing after Norman’s shipment so casual I thought it careless, but then again they might not have been that close to him, so I guess that’s why.

In the beginning of the anime, I also thought it was odd how they would be attempting an escape with 90% of the group in the dark about the truth. That would’ve caused some serious setbacks, but I’m glad Emma brought the idea of telling everyone, that resulted in them wanting to escape and wanting to prepare for it as well, putting everyone on the same page, I just hope they told Phil too. 

For some very odd reason, I feel bad for Isabella. I want to kids to escape, but I don’t want anything bad to happen to her, despite everything she has done. I think this is probably just me who thinks that. When the house burned down, I felt really bad she had lost all of her mementos. That said however, she somehow managed to retrieve the communication box, and that could mean a bunch of things:

  • Either she called security
  • The machine would alert HQ if it were destroyed, and she didn’t want that
  • Or a third reason I don’t know about

Considering she has a bomb-like device in her, she cannot escape Grace Field, in other words, it’s very unlikely she would chase after the kids considering how far they are. And about that, why did they head towards the wall and not the bridge? I hope Emma has more up her sleeve. Needless to remind her, there is an impossible cliff just right after it. Unless they’ll run along the edge to reach the bridge, the diagram Norman drew was too complicated for me so I didn’t quite get it. 

Also, we finally learn of Krone’s gift, 2 keys. They look very similar to the one Isabella has for her room, but maybe in this world all keys look the same. Maybe they will come in handy next episode.

Now, let’s get to the last moment of the episode. WHY PHIL? WHY?

Emma did say she did not intend on letting anyone stay, yet here is Phil by Isabella’s side. I don’t know if this was planned by Emma, but it’s highly unlikely. I don’t see what Phil could contribute to the plan by staying, that would probably have him expressly shipped. So Phil stayed because he wanted to? Or is it merely a diversion to keep Isabella even more distracted (from calling HQ maybe), and Phil would be saved somehow afterwards? 

The final episode of the season is literally the next one. Wow, since this episode is quite the cliffhanger (shocker), I really want to see the final one before I completely wrap up my thoughts. I hope it’ll be a good, positive one, because this one shook me up pretty roughly. We’ll see what happens next week, thanks for reading. 

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2 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland Episode 11 Review

  1. I made an entire post defending Isabella, so you’re not alone. It was mostly speculation based on the first ten episodes, and after this episode some of it may be wrong, but she’s been in as much of a life or death struggle as anyone else. It’s going to be interesting to see if and how Phil is going to come into play.

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    1. Oh wow ! I’m gonna read it right now. She’s such an intriguing character. Despite what we’ve seen so far, there has got to be more to her and I’m definitely willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. And about Phil…. sigh… I don’t even know, but it will certainly be interesting to see how it develops. Thanks for sharing

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