The Promised Neverland Episode 12 * – Review

The roller coaster ride finally comes to an end…sadly. This anime is gem, a gem I tell you. Last season, I reviewed almost none of the new anime other than the familiar titles, and it wasn’t because I hadn’t watched them, I was simply not interested, or they didn’t hook me and I dropped them. This wasn’t anything new, it has been happening ever since D. Gray Man season 2 came out in 2016 ! Most of the anime I’ve been really enjoying during the past year weren’t the newer recent ones, and as a result, it made me very reluctant to try new seasonal shows because of constant disappointment.

In 2016, when My Hero Academia, Yuri on Ice, and D Gray Man Hallow made their appearance, I watched them alongside older, blissful titles such as Noragami, HxH, Full Metal, and so on. All of the anime I had watched during that season made up the best period of anime consumption for me, but after that, it went downhill from there. I did find some titles who gave me a temporary entertainment, but nothing left a mark.

Then came along this jewel, I believe it was in January that this anime came along with a powerful first episode. The Promised Neverland, although it only stands at one season, ranks alongside Noragami, Hunter x Hunter and many other anime that I deem to be absolutely amazing series. I needed to put that out there because this series was able to bring back and revamp the 2016 enthusiasm and eagerness I had towards watching anime, and not to mention the passion.

Now let’s finally dive into with the reason you’re here for, the review of the final episode. I’m going to cover a lot so just get ready. Spoilers everywhere in this post.

Screenshot (514).png

Emma & Phil

First, let’s admire Emma and Phil…………… Alright. In the end, leaving Phil and the younger ones behind was indeed part of Emma’s plan. At the time of the planning, I was really impressed by how Phil handled the situation, turns out he find out of the truth through his own observations, is this a Norman in the making? He also courageously volunteered to be the leader during the two years Emma will be away, Phil is quite impressive.

I have to add how Emma has that way of cutting to the chase that I just love about her, she doesn’t b.s in both her words and actions, and that quality prove to be so useful to the escape and to the gelling of the group, she is a born leader ! Female character of the year award? I think so, even though we’re only in March. 

Now, noting Isabella’s words to Phil at the end of the episode made it seem like things will be very different from now on at Grace Field, if they keep Isabella as mother that is. What I mean is that, they have yet again gained an unlikely ally, the real, unmasked Isabella. The only difference from their previous ally, Krone, is that Isabella is still alive. Isabella told Phil that they had escaped safely, she had a smile on her face, her hair was down, and she had an overall feeling of relief, which is everything the other Isabella would not be. Considering how smart Phil is, I deduced he would notice that she has changed as well, and she indeed has, which is why I think Isabella might start doing things differently now at Grace Field.

Screenshot (544)


Taking a closer look at Isabella, what a formidable character, I’m so glad I never doubted her. She not only made a great villain, but she was also ambiguous and mysterious enough to be given the benefit of the doubt. And turns out, her real self is just as beautiful as her dear children. At a young age, living in a terrible world, she had a reality and way of life imposed onto her so much so that her real self was repressed.  Occasionally, we saw her pull through, with the collection of items, the genuine care she provided for the kids, and in how she thought she was doing a good thing by giving them a good life before shipping. In term of thinking inside the box, I’d say she was right ! If the trio and their ideals had not intervened, the reality would have remained uncontested and perpetual, making Isabella’s original way of doing things a peaceful way to go about it. The same way soldiers are trained for extreme situations, I believe she has gone through the same in order to remain so stoical and loyal to her duties, to the point of even using force on her loved ones to prevent disharmony within the system. 

I also have to add that I was super glad to discover that Ray was her son. Because much like Emma, she felt devastated when Leslie was shipped, his lullaby was the only thing that reminded her of him and their time together, and so she kept it with her and sang it whenever she was alone or simply needed to remember the times she was actually happy. Now, with it having transferred onto Ray, which was what gave it away, I felt relieved Isabella and her child were in the same plant, under her own care, imagine the luck. Not to mention, he escaped safely. I never thought I’d empathize with a “villain” so much. Now she’s one of my favorite characters.


Screenshot (569).png


To New Beginnings

After the kids put their plan into motion, the part where they defied odds and found a way to cross the rift, I was on the edge of my seat, and I wasn’t really worried about Isabella catching them, it was more the demons. Even after all of them successfully crossed and started running towards new horizons, I was dreading the sudden intervention of a demon, ready to crush them, their hopes and dreams, and any further attempt at escaping the cliff had failed to convey. But thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

It also seems my hunch about a time skip might actually come to pass. Emma mentioned 2 years until she comes back to get the remaining kids of not just plant three, but from all the farms altogether. I feel her ideals might soon develop to leading a rebellion against the system. Also, the two year mark leaves them with enough time to do many things, and depending on how things go, they might reunite with Norman after those two years, or even during those two years ! Provided he is still alive.

I loved how the anime had him appear in both final episodes, although as a sort of mirage, but still. Norman, even in “death” played a key role in the success of the escape, he deserved to be there so much.

My heart can only handle so much

I believe season 2 was already announced for 2020, and it seems this Spring 2019 has some really good titles to help us wait, and maybe among these will be another gem. Anyways, The Promised Neverland is one of the best seasonal shows I’ve watched in a long time, and after it starts taking shape as more seasons come out, I’m pretty sure it will become one of my all time favorites. If  I was a millionaire, I’d donate a whole lot of money to the mangaka and the studio for blessing mankind like this.

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2 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland Episode 12 * – Review

  1. Great season. As a manga reader, I’m happy more people know about Promised Neverland.

    I love the way more anime studios are doing separate seasons every year instead of making it a year-round show. That’s good when adapting finished manga series, but doing it with ongoing ones just lowers the animation quality and forces showrunners to add filler.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree ! So many shows had to either deviate from the manga or had fillers added like you said because the studio simply couldn’t wait for the manga to progress enough.

      The Promised Neverland is an amazing show and although the wait time can be quite long for the next season, I very much prefer it that way as opposed to fillers or deviation. As any of these would most likely ruin this precious show and nobody wants that.

      Thanks for your feedback.


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