Kimetsu no Yaiba First Impressions

Spring anime are here ! A lot of titles have made quite the noise on social media everywhere and Kimetsu no Yaiba was one of them. It’s genres are a mix of my faves and others including Supernatural, Action, Shounen and Demons and it somewhat reminds me of Sirius the Jeager. This First Impression will contain spoilers, so please watch the episode first and then come back. I also reference anime such as The Promised Neverland and Seraph of the End.

The story starts with a typical, happy, loving family living on a snowy mountain. The main character, Tanjiro, stands out as he is the older brother everyone loves, and they all seem to plan their day around him. He leaves for town to sell charcoal because he wants to have enough money so that everyone can eat well for new years. Before he leaves, he is showered with love from his mother and siblings, and in case you’re not used to these type of works, that is usually a foreshadowing to a terrible event. On his way to town, Tanjiro says to himself that they don’t have an easy life but they are happy. That perfectly paints the picture of the situation. 

  • So far, it reminded me a lot of The Promised Neverland and Seraph of the End. In both series, you also get that impression of a happy life, yet at the same time, something looms in the back of your mind telling you to stay alert. I got that same impression from this anime as everything was just too perfect in the beginning regardless of how financially poor they were. 

As the episode progresses, Tanjiro returns home only to face the terrible horror of his family slaughtered by a demon. We then see him carrying his unconscious little sister down the mountain to a doctor, as she was the only one that survived.

  • In the scene where he is overwhelmed by the death of his entire family, we see a certain loss of innocence, where that happy, bubbly life he knew bursts into despair and horror and gives way to a lot of change in the character and becomes a major driving force in the series. Almost the same as when Norman and Emma saw Conny’s corpse and that shattered everything they thought they knew about their world, their own caretaker, and what happens when you get “adopted”. 

During the descent, Nezuko, his sister, turns into a demon and starts assaulting him. Very Seraph of the End, where Yu survives as a human while his family, Mika, becomes a vampire after the slaughter of their family. I keep getting drawn to anime with similar settings, but I haven’t been disappointed so far.

After they crash into the snow, Nezuko attacks Tanjiro, and at that point, a third character makes his appearance, Giyu Tomioka. His eyes are so empty, you can tell he’s been through a lot. He is later revealed to be a demon slayer, and attempts to kill Nezuko, but Tanjiro protects her. He then reads Tanjiro’s emotion so well, I felt he was speaking to himself, or at least the person he used to be.

Seeing how Tanjiro cleverly fought to protect his sister, Giyu sees potential in him, but what struck Giyu even more, was that his starving, demon sister, protected Tanjiro, something a demon was never seen to do. Giyu knocks out both of them, and decides to spare Nezuko. As Tanjrio wakes up, Giyu send him on a quest to find answers he most likely has and warns him of sunlight for Nezuko’s sake. The episode concludes after a broken, but determined Tanjiro buries and pays respect to his family alongside a blank Nezuko. 

  • This episode wasn’t as striking as a Seraph of the End or Promised Neverland first episode, it could be because I’m used to the trope, but I still liked it and I see some potential. I’m going to keep watching this anime and review it, and hopefully I won’t be disappointed. 

Screenshot (575)

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