Fairy Gone – First Impressions

Another exciting Spring 2019 anime I was looking forward to. Fairy Gone premiered yesterday and although it was quite action packed, I must say I was a little disappointed.  

Throughout the opening act of the episode, I was very confused at first, I didn’t know where to put myself. But, that wasn’t the reason for my disappointment, confusion during the first episode isn’t uncommon for me, I usually catch up by the third or so episode. 

The episode then had a time skip and presented the current timeline as a post-war, “peaceful” era. With friction and unease still present within the new country, it think it’s safe to assume that something is up. However, the fairy soldiers apparently became illegal beings after the war somehow, and it seems they are being hunted down by government factions, we don’t know why, but it was said.

At that point, I was interested in seeing how it would pan out and what statement it would make for its first episode. 

Then, we get exciting fight scenes, amazing animation, and a childhood friendship reunion. Marlya and Veronica seem to have had a lot to deal with during their youths, and it seems like their lives today are still a roller coaster. Now with Marlya turned into a Fairy, and the choice she made with Free to join the faction, things might get interesting.

But I wanted to see more than that. If the plot centers on Marlya chasing Veronica, it’ll be a little disappointing. We also have Free and Wolfran from the backstory as another potential plot thread, but it would still be the same. This show has thing for innocent brunettes worried about rebellious blondes it seems, but I’m not sure this is enough of a driving force for the plot. It could be, but that’s not what I pictured the story would be about, considering there are so many more interesting things the plot could cover such as why the Fairies are fighting, or even what in the world is going on.

I know it’s just the first episode, but instead of making me want more, it kinda disappointed me by concealing so much. They could’ve went with that route, but it would’ve been better received had there been a cliffhanger or some other revelation striking enough to pique interest. 

That might be just me, but honestly, I wasn’t impressed with the first episode. I liked it, but I wish we had gotten a little more than just Marlya and her childhood friend, but I guess the story has to start somewhere. So, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and see where it goes. I will be reviewing this series as well.

Screenshot (626).png

2 thoughts on “Fairy Gone – First Impressions

  1. Yeah, I’d agree with that. It felt like it was missing any real direction at this point. It was just ooh look at the fairies fighting, which is cool but I was expecting more too.

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